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28 Jul 2010 22:30


Culture: Are receipts toxic? Might want to check their BPA levels

BPA (or Bisphenol A), a known toxin that’s common in plastics, was found in most receipts tested in a study by the Environmental Working Group. source

04 Jun 2010 10:57


Biz: Shrek glasses: The latest thing that could make you sick

These McDonald’s glasses contain cadmium, a toxic metal, so the company’s recalling a couple of them. And by a couple, we mean 12 million. source

17 Mar 2010 22:06


Tech: Your iPhone probably made some Chinese factory worker sick

  • It would be good for the people who use those phones so happily to consider the sacrifice we made.
  • A 21-year-old former factory worker • Talking about the hell that she and others have been through personally because of poor conditions at a factory which she worked, which specialized in Apple and Nokia phones. The factory was using a toxic chemical, n-hexane, a fast-drying cleaning solvent which they didn’t have the proper permits to use and made the workers gradually sick. First it was nothing, then they felt tired, then their fingers went weak, then they fainted. The thousand-screen-a-day quota added up. Some have had to stay in a hospital for eight months. Holy crap. source

20 May 2009 10:57


Offbeat: OK, this office fridge evacuation story is old. But it’s still funny.

  • We meant to cover this last week, but we forgot. Our bad. Somehow, though, seeing the video gives it new life. There’s just so much wrong about this situation. source

29 Mar 2009 11:14


Offbeat, World: Australians don’t like poisonous toads, by the way

  • 3,600 were killed in ritual style by Aussies source

22 Jan 2009 16:33


World: China’s tainted milk saga leads to the death penalty

  • two people were convicted and sentenced to death for selling milk laced with the toxic melamine; the milk made 300,000 sick
  • 21 people were also given jail time for their roles. Three, including a top-ranking dairy company executive, got life in prison source