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18 Aug 2010 11:00


Tech: Apple’s recent buy: What the heck is LiquidMetal, anyway?

  • As you can see, it’s not your average metal. The metal, which has glasslike properties, high flexibility and extreme toughness (and can easily be made en masse), was developed at the California Institute of Technology. It’s already used in the iPhone 3G and 3GS’ SIM remover, and is now alone, in the electronics sphere, thanks to an exclusive license with the company. Maybe Apple will cover their next iPhone in something other than glass. We can dream, can’t we? source

04 Jun 2010 10:57


Biz: Shrek glasses: The latest thing that could make you sick

These McDonald’s glasses contain cadmium, a toxic metal, so the company’s recalling a couple of them. And by a couple, we mean 12 million. source

02 Mar 2010 09:52


Music: Dear Brazilian band Deadly Fate: “Galpao 29” not how to win fans

  • The band has been the subject of a seemingly self-induced Twitter trending topic since last night. Do you like metal? How about spam that completely eats up Twitter? Deadly Fate has both in spades. And despite their strategy to overload the Twitter trending topics with tweets mentioning their MySpace page, they don’t seem to have gained any fans since last night, when they started trending. Wonder why. source

29 Dec 2009 11:13


Music: Avenged Sevenfold’s drummer dies; The Rev lived fast, died young

The Rev, born James Sullivan, was the driving force behind one of mainstream rock’s most popular acts. Indie kids don’t know who he is. source

29 Jul 2009 10:28


Tech: Scientists say they’ve invented transparent aluminum. Kickin’ rad!

It was talked about in Star Trek, and now Oxford University geniuses have done it. X-ray lasers were used to create it – though it was fleeting. source

25 Jan 2009 11:25


Tech: Want to secure your wi-fi? Paint your office.

  • That’s what Japanese scientists say. It’s a pain in the butt to block wireless signals from the outside world if you’re the IT guy, but apparently, if your office’s paint job contains the right material (by adding certain metals), it can block those signals for reaching beyond the current room. And unlike other signal-blocking solutions, it’s actually kinda cheap to make. Neat. source