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07 Dec 2009 01:07


Biz: Anyone want some tainted beef? Beef Packers Inc. has a lot of it

  • 22,723 pounds of illness causing beef source

04 Oct 2009 10:20


U.S.: This is what eating E. Coli-tainted beef can do to you

Stephanie Smith was a children’s dance instructor. Then she ate a bad burger. She was induced into a coma. Now, she can’t walk. source

22 Jan 2009 16:33


World: China’s tainted milk saga leads to the death penalty

  • two people were convicted and sentenced to death for selling milk laced with the toxic melamine; the milk made 300,000 sick
  • 21 people were also given jail time for their roles. Three, including a top-ranking dairy company executive, got life in prison source