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07 Mar 2010 11:54


Biz: Unemployed boomers tired of being bored, start businesses

  • 36 number of weeks the average unemployed person over 55 has been out of work
  • 52% the growth in newly self-employed people between ages 55 and 64; beats sitting on the couch source

24 Feb 2010 10:18


U.S.: Generation gap: Millennials aren’t getting much full-time work yet

  • 41% of Millennials have full-time employment, which is super-low
  • 61% of Generation X members can say the same about themselves
  • 51% of hippies, er, Baby Boomers still boomin’ at work source

22 Oct 2009 10:36


U.S.: Unemployment benefits aren’t lasting as long as unemployment

  • 7,000 people lose jobless benefits each day; that’s bad source

21 Oct 2009 10:23


Offbeat: The music industry has nothing better to to than fine singing ladies

This woman, who we’re sure has a wonderful voice, was told by Britain’s Performing Rights Society that she could be fined for singing at work. They’ve since apologized. source

05 Oct 2009 10:33


Tech: Nobel Prize people: Your life’s work worth $1.4 million

  • three Americans will split the prize for their work in chromosome research
  • $467,000 the prize that each of the lucky bastards will bring home source

03 Oct 2009 11:14


Biz, U.S.: Unemployment benefits aren’t lasting as long as unemployment

  • 26
    the length of time that unemployment is available for those out of work (right now, there’s a lot of those people)
  • 26.2
    the length of time that it takes for those people to find a job, on average (this has never happened before) source

27 Aug 2009 20:45


U.S.: Obama’s vacation got screwed up, so he’s taking another one

  • Dammit, Ted. Ted Kennedy’s death has put a damper in Obama’s plans to chill at Martha’s Vineyard for a few days and then get back to work. So, Obama’s trying to rush in some R&R, head up to Boston for Kennedy’s funeral tomorrow night, go back to D.C. on Sunday, and … head to Camp David on Wednesday. How did Barack Obama spend his summer vacation? Having to work, then immediately taking another one to make up for lost relaxation. source

20 May 2009 10:57


Offbeat: OK, this office fridge evacuation story is old. But it’s still funny.

  • We meant to cover this last week, but we forgot. Our bad. Somehow, though, seeing the video gives it new life. There’s just so much wrong about this situation. source

02 Apr 2009 10:25


Tech: Yo, back off bosses! Surfing Facebook is really productive!

  • In fact, it’s 9% moreso than not, says a new study. A new study that compares workers who use the Internet for personal reasons and those that don’t finds that those surfing MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other sites unrelated to the job are actually more productive. We’re so gonna test this today. source

26 Mar 2009 10:18


Biz, U.S.: The economy’s showing signs of life, but not in jobless claims

  • 5.56 million ongoing jobless claims, which is a (sad) record source