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08 Mar 2011 15:27


Offbeat: Redondo Beach harbor swamped by mysterious fish horde

  • Those are DEAD FISH: Estimated in the millions, in fact. They’re floating near the surface in a harbor at Redondo Beach in Los Angeles. Authorities are investigating the cause, with one theory being a “red tide” that pushed the fish into the harbor, where the lack of oxygen caused this grisly display. Whatever the explanation, though, could this help but have a negative impact on the surrounding ecosystems? I mean, just look at all those fish, it’s absurd. source

07 Mar 2011 15:02


Tech: New research may foreshadow leap in heart disease prevention

  • 13 gene regions linked to heart disease by scientific research source
  • » Cracking the heart disease code: As anybody with a family history, or personal history of heart disease knows, it’s a frightening and pervasive concern. It should come as thrilling news, then, that a group of scientists believe they’ve located thirteen different gene regions that may indicate a vulnerability to heart attack. Though the knowledge is admittedly limited, and is likely years from practical application in a doctor’s office, advancements like these are what give us hope for a brighter, healthier future, with fewer people unexpectedly dropping dead.

05 Mar 2011 13:28


Tech, U.S.: Really smart computers replacing rooms full of lawyers

  • You tend to split a lot fewer infinitives when you think the FBI might be reading your mail.
  • Cataphora Chief Technology Officer Steve Roberts • Explaining the benefit of his company’s software, which can intelligently parse phrases and figure out when someone is changing their tone (presumably because they have something to hide). This is useful in law cases, particularly ones with a ton of documents – you know, the kind that once required armies of lawyers to do the dirty work. They’re just one of the companies who work in this pretty neat field, and their accuracy rate is actually way better than the people the machines are replacing. “Think about how much money had been spent to be slightly better than a coin toss,” said Bill Herr, a former chemical company lawyer who once herded lawyers in rooms to dig through documents en masse. Like cats. source

05 Sep 2010 20:22


Politics: Coming soon: More Obama stimulus efforts on the way

  • $100 billion in tax credits to encourage R&D source
  • » And that’s not all: Get ready for even more stimulus talk later this week; Obama plans to launch another major effort to kick-start the economy on Wednesday. The big question: Will he be able to pull it off given all the crap he’s had to take from the right lately? (In fact, it’s good to note that these efforts are relatively modest because of that.)

24 Aug 2010 11:07


Tech: Loyola University scientists make a HIV research breakthrough

  • great! Loyola University researchers pinpointed the key elements of a protein, TRIM5a, that destroys HIV in monkeys. With a $225,000 microscope. Give them a raise!
  • … but More research needs to be done to figure out how to make the protein do the same thing for humans. Get back to work, you bums! Monkeys aren’t people. source

24 Aug 2010 10:26


Offbeat: Question of the day: Why are there slices of brains in these jars?

You want to click on the link. You know you do. It’s too tempting. Click it. Click … it. You want to know why these brains are in jars. Click it. source

22 Apr 2010 11:13


U.S.: Protip: Don’t take a tribe’s DNA and do all willy-nilly with it

  • ethical Arizona State University takes DNA from the Havasupai Indians to help with research into high rates of diabetes for the tribe.
  • unethcial The school uses the DNA for many other unrelated studies, and now the school is paying the tribe lots of money. source

04 Dec 2009 21:25


Tech: Protip: If you want to make bling from a blog, grab searchers

  • 50% more ad clicks from Google searches source

NOTE: This little tip comes from Chikita, a site we use and recommend for ads. We’ll say that for sake of disclosure or something. There’s something to be said about blogger transparency.

28 Oct 2009 10:57


24 Oct 2009 01:36


World: Coming Sunday: The U.N. takes a look at Iran’s nuclear plant

  • 3,000 centrifuge machines are just chilling in Qom source