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07 Mar 2011 15:02


Tech: New research may foreshadow leap in heart disease prevention

  • 13 gene regions linked to heart disease by scientific research source
  • ยป Cracking the heart disease code: As anybody with a family history, or personal history of heart disease knows, it’s a frightening and pervasive concern. It should come as thrilling news, then, that a group of scientists believe they’ve located thirteen different gene regions that may indicate a vulnerability to heart attack. Though the knowledge is admittedly limited, and is likely years from practical application in a doctor’s office, advancements like these are what give us hope for a brighter, healthier future, with fewer people unexpectedly dropping dead.

22 Feb 2010 10:07


Biz: U.S. to Glaxo: Uh, you should pull Avandia from the market

  • The drug has long been linked to heart attacks. The Senate Finance Committee released a report over the weekend containing internal FDA documents recommending it should be pulled from the market. Glaxo, though, is trying its hardest to avoid the pulling of the diabetes drug, and is in the midst of a blind test with another drug, Actos, to show how safe it is. That’s despite the use of a fear-of-God “black box” warning on the drug, and despite a study noting a 43 percent increase in heart trouble for Avendia users. The report suggests Glaxo knew the issues but kept the drug on the market anyway. Yikes. source

22 Jan 2010 11:36


U.S.: Kid susceptible to high cholesterol levels just like their parents

  • 20% of all kids have unhealthy cholesterol levels; fat kids get it more
  • 14% of otherwise healthy kids also suffer from high cholesterol source

07 Aug 2009 19:28


Culture: Autopsy shocker: Billy Mays was on cocaine? Wow.

  • Our evil first thought: “Guess that explains the shouting.” Medical reports on the death of Billy Mays confirm that he used cocaine just days before his death. Mays died from heart disease, but the onset of it was brought in part on by cocaine usage. The family, who did not know of any cocaine usage, dismissed the report and considered having someone independent do the autopsy. Either way, this was a bizarre, unexpected turn of events for the pitchman. source

26 Apr 2009 22:22


U.S.: Cut cholesterol and keep your prostate cancer-free, all at once!

  • Researchers say statin drugs help old dudes in more ways than one. In a test of 2,447 older men, research showed that just 6% of all men using statin drugs, already shown to help prevent heart disease, got prostrate cancer. On the other hand, those who didn’t take statin drugs were three times more likely to get it. The rates are still preliminary, and more testing will be needed to confirm the claims, but hooray for research! source

19 Jan 2009 02:42


World: 1% of everybody’s got a faulty heart

  • 1% of people could be destined for heart disease based on genetics, especially in India.
  • 60 million people carry the bad gene, says a new study published in Natural Genetics. source