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13 Feb 2010 13:21


U.S.: Fat children apparently “set” as fat kids at really early ages

  • 50% of overweight teens were overweight by 24 months of age
  • 90% of overweight teens were overweight by 5 years of age source

01 Feb 2010 09:40


Biz: Toyota’s got a fix to their big problem coming this week

  • A fix to the accelerator problem should be coming soon. Ah, Toyota, the most trusted name in cars. Well, until last week, when the accelerator-sticking problem turned into a full-on mess. Anyway, Toyota plans to give dealers a well-tested friction-cutting fix to the problem, which affects millions of cars, later this week. Yay. source

05 Sep 2009 00:58


Biz, Tech: Amazon finally rights its Orwellian wrongs on Kindle users

  • You can have your books back. Or, if you want, $30. Back in July, a big to-do broke over Amazon’s ironic handling of the books “1984” and “Animal Farm,” two George Orwell books that tackled the very issues Amazon created when they took them away from readers. Realizing that they done #(^@!* up, the sent an e-mail to affected users offering to fix the problem. Which just goes to show you: You can’t take back stuff you already sold, idiots. source

19 Jan 2009 02:42


World: 1% of everybody’s got a faulty heart

  • 1% of people could be destined for heart disease based on genetics, especially in India.
  • 60 million people carry the bad gene, says a new study published in Natural Genetics. source