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09 Mar 2010 09:37


Biz: The runaway Toyota Prius story has legs, getting huge coverage

  • I pushed the gas pedal to pass a car and it did something kind of funny … it jumped and it just stuck there. As it was going, I was trying the brakes … it wasn’t stopping.
  • James Sikes • Whose Toyota Prius wouldn’t stop on a San Diego interstate, but was miraculously stopped with the help of police. Sikes’ Prius, by the way, was one of the cars recalled because of possibility of the floor mat accelerator getting stuck in the accelerator. No word on if he took advantage of the recall. source

08 Mar 2010 23:38


Biz: 911 cell phone caller: “HELP! MY PRIUS WON’T STOP!”

  • Police had to help them stop their vehicle. Everyone’s favorite barrel fish to shoot, the broken Toyota accelerator, reared its ugly head again tonight when someone in one of the hybrids could not stop their vehicle, at one point going as fast as 94 miles an hour. While the Prius in the past hasn’t suffered from the sticking pedal problems that Toyota’s other cars do, it does suffer from braking system issues (the 2010 model), along with a gas pedal that can get caught in the floor mat (the 2004-2009 models). source

15 Feb 2010 22:26


Biz: Complaints due to faulty Toyotas crashing are on the rise

  • 34 fatalities reportedly caused by Toyota accelerator issues source

08 Feb 2010 10:28


Biz: Steve Wozniak treats Toyota’s problems like software bugs

  • All these problems should get fixed, but they shouldn’t stop people from buying the Prius. There are bugs in every product.
  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak • Regarding the problems of the Toyota Prius, including the faulty brakes and what he says are accelerator problems when the car is on cruise control. (Up to 97 miles per hour!) Toyota plans to recall 270,000 units of the hybrid in the U.S. and Japan to fix the brake problems. source

05 Feb 2010 11:09


Biz: Toyota’s president: I take personal blame for all these problems

  • I deeply regret that I caused concern among so many people. We will do our utmost to regain the trust of our customers.
  • Toyota Motor Company President Akio Toyoda • Regarding the recent recall crisis. Toyoda, the grandson of the company’s founder, has a bit of a mess on his hands thanks to the recalls. He’s been absent in recent weeks, which hasn’t helped the company’s cause. Asked about whether they’d been underestimating the problem, he said, “I believe what is happening now is a very big problem. We are in a crisis.” source

04 Feb 2010 09:58


Biz: Toyota says an evil computer is causing the Prius’ brake problems

  • This company has just had a lot of hell lately, haven’t they? A software glitch is to blame for the 2010 Prius’ brake issues. It causes a one-second disconnect between the brakes and the computer – long enough to go 90 feet if  you’re driving at 60mph. They plan to offer a fix for it, but one thing they aren’t doing is offering a recall. The Prius, BTW, doesn’t have the accelerator problems that caused many of the company’s non-hybrid cars to get recalled. source

03 Feb 2010 10:38


Biz: Toyota’s myriad car problems extend to another pedal

  • accelerator The car company just recalled a ton of vehicles due to a faulty accelerator which would get stuck. They’re in deep doo-doo.
  • brakes Now, Toyota’s getting reports of malfunctioning brakes on its Prius hybrid cars in Japan. Tokyo has pressured them to investigate. source

01 Feb 2010 09:40


Biz: Toyota’s got a fix to their big problem coming this week

  • A fix to the accelerator problem should be coming soon. Ah, Toyota, the most trusted name in cars. Well, until last week, when the accelerator-sticking problem turned into a full-on mess. Anyway, Toyota plans to give dealers a well-tested friction-cutting fix to the problem, which affects millions of cars, later this week. Yay. source