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06 Jun 2011 17:06


Politics: Today’s dramatic Anthony Weiner admission: What happened

  • The admission Congressman Anthony Weiner has confessed not just to sending a photo of his clothed penis to one woman, but to having sexually explicit (though non-physical) relationships with six or so women over three years. He repeatedly stressed his apologies, most of them directed at his wife, Huma.
  • No resignation Weiner made it clear, though — he has no intention of resigning his position as a congressman from New York. He maintains he hasn’t violated his oath to uphold the Constitution, and will work to convince his constituents that this was a personal failing that doesn’t compromise his ability to do his job.
  • The Breitbart angle Andrew Breitbart caused a stir when he arrived before Weiner’s appearance, and answered questions from the podium. He’s since said this wasn’t his idea, and that he was skeptical about it (we’d rate it a bad idea). That said, Weiner apologized to Breitbart by name during his appearance. source

04 May 2011 15:30


Politics: Apache tribe wants apology over Bin Laden’s “Geronimo” moniker

  • geronimo A prominent and storied Native American leader, known for his daring attacks and escapes while battling both Mexican and U.S. soldiers — also, the code name given to Osama bin Laden in last weekend’s operation.
  • apache The modern representation of Geronimo’s Apache tribe, from Sill Falls, Oklahoma, has taken issue with this. Tribe Chairman Jeff Houser wants an apology from the White House for using Geronimo as the bin Laden code name. source

09 Mar 2011 13:37


Politics: Newt Gingrich loves America too much to stay faithful

  • There’s no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate.
  • Newt Gingrich • Making an argument about his own infidelity that one suspects he would’ve decried as disgraceful and a reason to resign if Bil Clinton had said it. You might wonder why, at this moment, Gingrich is even addressing this past, until you consider who he’s making this pitch to. He spoke to the Christian Broadcasting Network, and knowing full well the power of the Christian right-wing in Republican politics, he wants to make it plainly clear that he’s not only sorry, but he’s apologized to his God as well. The broader consequence is that it reminds everybody of Gingrich’s biggest political liability; his actions during the Clinton impeachment were as close to bald, unambiguous hypocrisy as you can see in the political realm. source

23 Jul 2010 11:30


Politics: Shirley Sherrod: Obama’s post-racial attempts got him in trouble

  • I guess because he’s a black president, for some reason, they felt you can’t talk about issues that affect just black people.
  • Shirley Sherrod • Discussing her conversation with Obama yesterday. While he didn’t apologize per ce, the call itself worked as an apology for her. She thinks that he’s making a bad move in trying not to focus on the issues of black people specifically: “I know they probably have to struggle with that. But I think they’re wrong. I think they could do more to advance unity if they could promote a discussion from that level.” source

22 Jul 2010 09:17


Politics: Bill O’Reilly: I’m sorry for my comments on Shirley Sherrod, but …

  • Bill O’Reilly, just like a lot of other people (see: the White House), jumped to conclusions in the Shirley Sherrod case, causing him to humble himself for a moment and admit that, uh, well, he was wrong. But he found a different way to tackle them, so good for him! He still has a line of attack, so he has something to rail against on the program! source

05 Jul 2010 10:12


World: Does Israel plan to apologize to Turkey for the flotilla incident?

  • NO even though it might cost them diplomatic ties source

17 Jun 2010 20:12


Politics: Joe Barton stepped in it so badly that the oil just won’t come off

  • apology Joe Barton apologized to BP for having to pay money to people the oil spill greatly damaged.
  • redo Barton, feeling pressure, apologized for the “misconstruction” of his stupid, stupid comments.
  • recant Barton, who wasn’t seen as sincere enough, apologized AGAIN – this time, taking it back. source

17 Jun 2010 11:00


Politics: Joe Barton has good reason for giving BP apologies today

  • $1.4 million in donations from the oil and gas industry source

17 Jun 2010 10:56


Politics: Dear Joe Barton: It’s not a shakedown if it’s BP’s fault

  • I’m ashamed of what happened in the White House yesterday. I think it is a tragedy of the first proportion that a private corporation can be subjected to what I would characterize as a shakedown in this case a $20 billion dollar shakedown.
  • Rep. Joe Barton • Saying the kind of thing that will not win him many fans amongst people offended by the oil spill. BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward, who went into the Congressional hearing today expecting a public flogging, instead got that starting out. Unbelievable. Save the apologies for a company that isn’t responsible for destroying the gulf, Joe. That money’s going to help people whose lives were destroyed, remember. source

15 Jun 2010 22:02


Music, World: How long did U2 have to sing “Sunday Bloody Sunday”?

  • As protest songs go, the U2 hit has been very effective. One of the band’s earliest and most-well-known hits, the most affecting lyric in the entire song is “how long, how long must we sing this song … how long, how long …” Today, Bono and company got their answer, as Britain finally acknowledged that Bloody Sunday – a key conflict with Northern Ireland – was the fault of their government. Some pop culture math for you guys:

About the conflict

  • 38 number of years since the
    historic incident took place source
  • 13 people were killed during the incident; another died months later
  • 14 more people were injured (not counting the man who later died)
  • 5,000 number of pages in Britain’s latest report on the incident
  • » What happened? During a civil rights march in Derry, Northern Ireland, soldiers that were part of the Parachute Regiment opened fire on a number of civilians. The British government  – which initially said in a discredited 1972 report that the victims were armed with weapons and bombs – has long been criticized for the incident, which led to years of conflict and disruption in the region.
  • » Today’s findings: In a new analysis, the British government found that the civilians had done nothing wrong, were fired on first, didn’t have any weapons, and weren’t even provoking the soldiers before they fired. Representatives for the soldiers say many things were overlooked, but that hasn’t stopped David Cameron from offering an apology.
  • » What happens next? Despite the long passage of time, the soldiers involved in the incident could still be prosecuted for murder or lying to the inquiry, giving the report some real bite.

How long did U2 sing this song?

  • 28years since they first played the song live (12/01/1982) source
  • 682 number of times they’ve played the tune live
  • yes they played the song in Belfast back in 1982
  • yes they have dedicated the song to other things
  • » Key performance: During a performance in Denver in 1987, Bono spent much of the song railing against Irish-Americans who didn’t understand the nature of the conflict: “I’ve had enough of Irish Americans who haven’t been back to their country in twenty or thirty years come up to me and talk about the resistance, the revolution back home. And the glory of the revolution, and the glory of dyin’ for the revolution. Fuck the revolution! They don’t talk about the glory of killing for the revolution.” (There’s more, be sure to read the full quote.) The brutal ripping of those railing against Northern Ireland, immortalized during “Rattle and Hum,” was so perfect that it led to the band not playing the song for a number of years.
  • » Will they sing it again? Good question. Strangely enough, they’ve yet to release a statement regarding the song which literally was their meal ticket for a number of years and did more to draw attention to the incident than any other single entity. Bono must be having an off day. He was recently injured and stuff.

Footnote: A lasting message

  • That’s an incident, the most famous incident in Northern Ireland and it’s the strongest way of saying how long? How long do we have to put up with this? I don’t care who’s who – Catholics, Protestants, whatever. You know people are dying every single day through bitterness and hate, and we’re saying why? What’s the point?
  • U2 drummer Larry Mullen • Pointing out in a 1983 interview that the message of the song isn’t just limited to Northern Ireland and the events of that day. “Let’s forget the politics, let’s stop shooting each other and sit around the table and talk about it,” he said. Say what you have to about U2, but they’ve certainly lived this message, no matter how rich Bono has gotten and how reflective his shades are. source