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14 Feb 2011 13:18


Politics: Shirley Sherrod makes good on her promise to Andrew Breitbart

  • YES Shirley Sherrod has filed suit against Andrew Breitbart source
  • » Bad day for scurillous-ness: The former USDA official was famously the target of a heavily cut video clip that seemed to present her as a racist who withheld help to a white farmer. The aftermath saw a gross and shocking leap to conclusion by the USDA under Tom Vilsack, which forced her resignation, before some helpful skeptics examined the full video which showed she was making a point AGAINST racism. I’ll admit, this case does have relevant, personal importance for bloggers, as the man charged is in that sense “one of our own,” even ones that wouldn’t be caught dead at a Breitbart event. But notwithstanding, whether the charge of defamation is well-earned or not, some of Mr. Breitbart’s antics have been grossly deceptive and unscrupulous.

24 Aug 2010 11:14


Politics: Did Shirley Sherrod take that new job with the USDA, guys?

  • NO next time Andrew Breitbart fakes a story, ignore him source

22 Aug 2010 11:10


Politics: Good for her: Shirley Sherrod may get another job with the USDA

  • Now that the hype machine is dead, maybe she can get her old job back. After a solid two weeks in the news cycle (thanks Breitbart!), Shirley Sherrod sounded a little reluctant to do anything with her old employers. But that may change. She reportedly plans to meet with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack about a new job with the USDA. It’d be fascinating to see if, after all that, she actually took the job. Good thing she’s out of the news cycle and can focus on her career again. (Thanks “Ground Zero Mosque”!) source

29 Jul 2010 20:22


Politics: I won’t back down, part 3: Shirley Sherrod’s Breitbart lawsuit

  • This oughta be a fun lawsuit. And Sherrod plans to make the most of it. When asked about it at a meeting of the National Association of Black Journalists in San Diego, she said she definitely would, adding this little bit at the end: “What do I have to be afraid of?” This led to this downright classic near-instant response from Brent Bozell of the Media Research Council and Breitbart precursor Newsbusters: “Andrew Breitbart is going to be fine. He’s done nothing wrong. I wonder if Ms. Sherrod, who is such a champion of transparency, will publicly disclose who is putting her up to this.” OMG shut up nobody cares douchebag. source

23 Jul 2010 11:30


Politics: Shirley Sherrod: Obama’s post-racial attempts got him in trouble

  • I guess because he’s a black president, for some reason, they felt you can’t talk about issues that affect just black people.
  • Shirley Sherrod • Discussing her conversation with Obama yesterday. While he didn’t apologize per ce, the call itself worked as an apology for her. She thinks that he’s making a bad move in trying not to focus on the issues of black people specifically: “I know they probably have to struggle with that. But I think they’re wrong. I think they could do more to advance unity if they could promote a discussion from that level.” source

22 Jul 2010 09:17


Politics: Bill O’Reilly: I’m sorry for my comments on Shirley Sherrod, but …

  • Bill O’Reilly, just like a lot of other people (see: the White House), jumped to conclusions in the Shirley Sherrod case, causing him to humble himself for a moment and admit that, uh, well, he was wrong. But he found a different way to tackle them, so good for him! He still has a line of attack, so he has something to rail against on the program! source

21 Jul 2010 09:49


Politics: Andrew Breitbart STILL defends his actions in Shirley Sherrod case

  • What this video clearly shows is a standard that the Tea Party has not been held to. The NAACP, it shows the audience there applauding her when she discriminates against a white farmer.
  • Big Government guy Andrew Breitbart • Explaining his reasons for publishing the heavily-edited video of Shirley Sherrod – which he claims are still valid even AFTER they’ve been discredited. Media Matters for America senior fellow Eric Boehlert thinks he knows the real answer. “Andrew had no idea what the context of the comments were, but that didn’t stop him from launching the smear campaign. … If he had any decency he would apologize to Shirley Sherrod. And would stop with the race-baiting that we’ve seen all summer.” he said. source

21 Jul 2010 09:38


21 Jul 2010 09:32


Politics: The lastest on the Shirley Sherrod case: Who’s the victim here?

  • That’s good Agricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack is doing an investigation into the video that cost Shirley Sherrod her job. Not the three-minute one that was spliced to make her look bad. The full one.
  • That’s fair Shirley Sherrod, in the wake of all this, doesn’t know if she’d return to her job. Given all the drama, and the clearly low confidence in her work performance shown by Washington, we understand.
  • That’s unfair Andrew Breitbart and his Big Government people still get to roam the streets and do hit pieces. What a bunch of pricks. Making crap up to ruin peoples’ lives. How do you sleep at night? Seriously? source