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19 May 2011 16:26


Politics: Jon Stewart dominates Bill O’Reilly’s own poll

  • Credit where credit is due: The O’Reilly Factor’s viewer polls always have a big stamp on the bottom that says “NOT A SCIENTIFIC POLL,” and that’s as true now as it was when we didn’t find their outcomes so amusing. That said, such a disclaimer also means O’Reilly and his people probably didn’t have to unleash this dispiriting (for him) result to the world. Just look at that map! Jon Stewart is one of the most convincing and talented talkers in the public eye, and it’s his willingness to have nuanced yet incisive debate with his ideological opposites that make him so. source

17 May 2011 00:36


Politics: True story: Bill O’Reilly loves him some Weather Girls

  • Stop attacking The Weather Girls, they’re one of my favorite groups. … yeah, I love them.
  • Bill O’Reilly • In the process of a highly entertaining verbal spar with “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, O’Reilly let this bit of info slip. It’s worth mentioning that Stewart wasn’t attacking The Weather Girls so much as using “It’s Raining Men” as an example of non-literal songwriting, but let’s be honest, that’s of less interest than imagining Bill O’Reilly jamming out to the high energy, synthesized tones of their hit single. Big ups to Martha Wash! Down with C+C Music Factory! source

06 Feb 2011 20:38


Politics: Obama on Egypt: He’s sure they’ll “work together with us.”

  • What I want is a representative government in Egypt and I have confidence that if Egypt moves in an orderly transition process, they will have a government in Egypt that will work together with us.
  • Barack Obama • Talking to Bill O’Reilly pre-Super Bowl. The conversation of course took a turn towards the Muslim Brotherhood, to which Obama had this to say: “But here’s the thing that we have to understand, there are a whole bunch of secular folks in Egypt, there are a whole bunch of educators and civil society in Egypt that wants to come to the fore as well. So it’s important for us not to say that our own only two options are either the Muslim Brotherhood or a suppressed people.” Obama wants to see an orderly transition that reaches everyone, not just Islamists or any other group, in hopes that the region doesn’t radicalize. source

15 Oct 2010 13:00


22 Jul 2010 09:17


Politics: Bill O’Reilly: I’m sorry for my comments on Shirley Sherrod, but …

  • Bill O’Reilly, just like a lot of other people (see: the White House), jumped to conclusions in the Shirley Sherrod case, causing him to humble himself for a moment and admit that, uh, well, he was wrong. But he found a different way to tackle them, so good for him! He still has a line of attack, so he has something to rail against on the program! source

22 Mar 2010 21:55


Politics: Max Headroom: Bill O’Reilly upgraded to the voice of reason

  • Since, first, we missed it this weekend, and second, so much happened in the last 24 hours, we’re throwing you a special Monday edition of Max Headroom. Enjoy, and don’t say we don’t ever give you things!
  • civil wrong Glenn Beck needs to check his history books before he talks. Seems the guy who he was offended about looking like a civil rights marcher was Rep. John Lewis … a civil rights marcher. Oops.
  • O’Reilly: It was “Hysteria” The right-leaning talk radio dudes were so crazy today that even Bill O’Reilly was just like, holy crap, really? OK, granted, the GOP just lost a major political victory, but still. Wow.
  • sorry about that, guys On CNN today, Rep. Randy Neuge­bauer apologized for that “baby killer” comment in regards to Bart Stupak, but still stands by it. We stand by the “he who smelt it, dealt it” policy, really.

05 Feb 2010 16:05


Politics: Jon Stewart deblusters the blustery language blogs use

  • Well, he took the wind out of our sails. Jon Stewart’s brilliant approach to the way that the blogosphere makes things seem crazier than they actually are is pretty brilliant. Moreso, even, than his multi-part steel-cage match between him and Bill O’Reilly earlier this week. (Both of them are so good at what they do that they pretty much cancel each other out.) We hope MSNBC host Rachel Maddow doesn’t eviscerate us for this post.

12 Jan 2010 23:22


Politics: Self-centered: Sarah Palin’s debut on Fox News tonight

  • This is analysis? Of who? Tonight’s debut of Sarah Palin as a Fox News commentator was a fail as a piece of commentary because the focus never really left the topic of Sarah Palin. We understand why Palin might want to use this opportunity to clear her throat, but if she really wants to be worthy of our time, she can’t spend fifteen minutes talking about herself. Who cares?

01 Dec 2009 08:49


Politics: Bill O’Reilly plays Larry King to Mike Huckabee’s soft-pedal needs

  • Well, at least he found a sympathetic ear. Can we criticize Bill O’Reilly for shifting the blame from the former Arkansas governor just as much as the former Arkansas governor does it himself? He straight-up tells Huckabee, “It’s not your fault.”

15 Aug 2009 10:00


Politics: Well, that truce between O’Reilly and Olbermann didn’t last long

  • We were hopeful at both companies to put a more civil tone in these discussions. No one at GE ever told anyone at NBC how to cover the news or what to cover.
  • General Electric spokesman Gary Sheffer • Regarding renewed interest in the debate between Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly and MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. After stories came out about the truce last month, both talk-show gabbers went back to their bag of tricks, with O’Reilly attack NBC owner General Electric. It’s given him some big ratings, while Olbermann, who isn’t playing to his network either, is kinda holding steady ratings-wise. Moral of the story: They shouldn’t have told anyone about the truce. • source