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26 Jul 2010 20:22


Biz: BP drama: Tony Hayward’s heading to Russia – with his pension!

  • $930k the amount he gets from his pension when he quits in October
  • 1 yearthe amount of salary he takes with him, or $1.4 million dollars
  • $15Mthe total value of his pension – plus his life back! source
  • » Plus, there’s more: Hayward also has a sizable amount of stock, and whenever he cashes that out, he’ll be an extremely rich man – he’ll be worth several million.

25 Jul 2010 10:58


Biz: Tony Hayward’s BP career so far, by the numbers

  • 28 number of years he’s worked with the company; he chose to join BP instead of going into academia
  • 3 number of years he’s served as CEO, a position he said he’d use to focus on “laser-like” safety and reliability
  • 11 men died on his watch during the Gulf Oil Spill, which leaked millions of gallons of oil and he took the heat for source

25 Jul 2010 10:49


Biz: Is BP’s Tony Hayward ready to get off the hot seat?

While BP is directly denying it, the BBC is reporting that the troubled executive could likely be out of there within the next 24 hours. source

28 Jun 2010 09:35


Biz: Could BP’s embattled top exec, Tony Hayward, resign soon?

  • yes Russia’s top energy official is saying that he’s expecting Hayward’s resignation as soon as today.
  • no The London-based company is denying the reports, saying that Hayward’s job is safe. source

23 Jun 2010 11:22


Biz, U.S.: BP’s new oil disaster plan: Command center in Houston

  • We were always going to set up the organization. We have across the Gulf Coast, people that are there, temporary, rotating in and out. We’re going to bed this down now. We’re in for the long haul and we’re going to make sure that it’s sustained and efficient.
  • BP top staffer Robert Dudley • Regarding his role in the oil spill cleanup, along with the changes BP is making. The company has put together a command center, based in Houston (a bit off, but close enough), to deal with the spill. Why? And why now? Dudley says they needed “a more sustainable organization” to see things through. We have to agree with that. They’ve looked pretty disorganized so far. source

20 Jun 2010 10:17


Politics: Obama and Tony Hayward shouldn’t take breaks in public places

  • These guys could use a better P.R. adviser but the point is we need to get this oil stopped. … If you’re going to advocate expansion of government it doesn’t look very good when the government you’re already in charge of doesn’t function so well.
  • Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell • Discussing the dual PR screw-ups of BP CEO Tony Hayward (at a yachting race) and Barack Obama (at a golf course) on Saturday were bad moves for each. CNN and TVOne political analyst Roland S. Martin had a pretty apt point about this: Rahm Emanuel’s criticism of Hayward left Obama open for the same criticism. Protip: If you guys need a mental health break for a day, stay home. Even world leaders need to tune out for a few hours. And Hayward’s big problem is that hanging out near oil-bought yachts makes you look like an elitist jerk – not that he took the break at all. source

19 Jun 2010 14:22


World: What’s BP CEO Tony Hayward doing this weekend? Riding a yacht

Dude’s gonna get his life back, no matter how terrible the PR disaster is going to be for his company. He wants it back so much it hurts. source

18 Jun 2010 16:22


Biz: Good news! BP Chief Exec Tony Hayward is getting his life back!

  • Dude’s handing over the reins of the BP situation to someone else. A day after getting grilled (a lot) and apologized to (a little), the BP chief executive will be stepping aside and handing daily operations to Bob Dudley, an American oil executive who has been in a managing role since 2009.“It is clear Tony has made remarks that have upset people,” said BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg, trying his best to do some damage control after a very rough day. source

17 Jun 2010 10:56


Politics: Dear Joe Barton: It’s not a shakedown if it’s BP’s fault

  • I’m ashamed of what happened in the White House yesterday. I think it is a tragedy of the first proportion that a private corporation can be subjected to what I would characterize as a shakedown in this case a $20 billion dollar shakedown.
  • Rep. Joe Barton • Saying the kind of thing that will not win him many fans amongst people offended by the oil spill. BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward, who went into the Congressional hearing today expecting a public flogging, instead got that starting out. Unbelievable. Save the apologies for a company that isn’t responsible for destroying the gulf, Joe. That money’s going to help people whose lives were destroyed, remember. source

17 Jun 2010 10:51