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20 Apr 2010 23:21


Tech: iPhones selling like smudged-up hotcakes for Apple

  • 8.75
    the number of iPhones (including one prototype) that sold last quarter
  • 133%
    the year-over-year increase from
    last year source

22 Jan 2010 11:36


U.S.: Kid susceptible to high cholesterol levels just like their parents

  • 20% of all kids have unhealthy cholesterol levels; fat kids get it more
  • 14% of otherwise healthy kids also suffer from high cholesterol source

05 Jan 2010 01:07


World: Dubai’s giant tower is tall, no matter how you measure it

  • 828 meters height of Burj Dubai Tower for those of you who think like Europeans
  • 2717
    height of the freaking tower for those of you who think like Americans source

07 Nov 2009 10:57


Biz, U.S.: Think unemployment is bad? Well, the broader rate is even worse

  • 10.2% the unemployment rate reported just the other day, which is the worst jobless rate we’ve had since the early 1980s
  • 17.5% the unemployment rate including people who gave up on looking for work and part-timers who want full-time jobs source

12 Oct 2009 10:18


World: Why does Greenland have such a high suicide rate? Take a guess

  • It’s because they live in Greenland. Teens and young adults in Greenland commit suicides at staggering rates far higher than anywhere else in the world – twice as high as Japan, notorious for its high rates. Why? Two reasons: The cold seasons are very depressing, and they have easy access to guns and nooses due to a culture built on hunting. “Here the kids are successful because it’s always so violent,” said Bodil Karlshøj Poulsen, who directs Paarisa, Greenland’s public-health center. source

01 Oct 2009 20:15


World: The Indonesian quake is reaching a catastrophic death toll

  • 1,100+ people have died in the quake so far source

18 Sep 2009 10:19


U.S.: Health insurance: We’re killing people who don’t have it

  • 45,000 people die each year without it source

04 Sep 2009 10:09


Biz, U.S.: Job loss slowed, but unemployment still hit a new peak in August

  • 9.7% unemployment in August; it’s a 26-year high, guys source

02 Sep 2009 21:35


Tech: Nokia’s sorta-Netbook has a sorta-laughably-high price

  • $800 for an underpowered Nokia Netbook; pricing fail source

11 Aug 2009 11:18


Biz: General Motors claims the Chevy Volt gets unreal gas mileage

  • 230 mpg in cities, says GM … why didn’t they do this sooner? source