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07 Feb 2011 15:49


Tech: AOL staking their livelihood on HuffPost accquisition

  • 40% of AOL’s money used to buy The Huffington Post source

18 Aug 2010 10:40


Tech: BlackBerry Torch getting torched for its low price; RIM complains

  • Sounds like somebody has a sore spot. Research in Motion is all like, “whatever,” regarding criticism of their BlackBerry Torch’s price point. Why? Well, they say they’ve done it for a lot of products. A spokeswoman claims that “obviously … common online pricing and promotional strategy that has been used with many other product introductions in the past.” Well, in a lot of ways, that makes it even worse, actually. You only sold 150,000 units with a $99 price point on Amazon at launch, considering the hyperbole you had going on? Sad. source

03 Aug 2010 00:00


Biz: Newsweek’s sale was for a bargain-basement price (and lots of debt)

  • $1 the amount Sidney Harman will pay the Post for Newsweek
  • $70M the amount of debt Harman will take on in exchange for the price
  • 250 the number of the mag’s 325 employees Harman will keep source

17 Sep 2009 20:49


Tech: Duh: Price Snow Leopard at $29, and people buy it in droves

  • $100 the decrease in price from Leopard (Mac OSX 10.5) to Snow Leopard (Mac OSX 10.6) source

09 Sep 2009 10:36


Tech: To celebrate the catstravaganza, Apple heavily cuts iPod prices

iPod price discounts
  • The prices have all been cut, but the one on the far right is most significant – it’s $120 cheaper than it was before. Apple’s event is in just a couple of hours. We’ll have the latest, kids. (The store, at last check, was closed.)source

02 Sep 2009 21:35


Tech: Nokia’s sorta-Netbook has a sorta-laughably-high price

  • $800 for an underpowered Nokia Netbook; pricing fail source

18 Aug 2009 21:53


Tech: Took long enough: Sony finally cuts the PS3’s price

  • The cost of the Sony Playstation 3 at launch; it’s gone down a little since then, but was sold at a huge loss at launch. source
  • The launch price of the Nintendo Wii, which managed to sell like hotcakes AND be profitable at launch. source
  • The price of the PS3 as of tomorrow. It only took Sony about two and a half years to get it priced this cheap. source

04 Aug 2009 21:40


Tech: Sony’s Reader puts pricing pressure on the Amazon Kindle

  • $199 the cost of the Sony Reader Pocket edition; they’re also coming out with a $299 edition featuring a nice touchscreen source

27 Jul 2009 10:58


Biz, Tech: Best Buy offers a huge discount on the Palm Pre by accident

  • $99 for the Pre, but they say it was an error. Dang it source

08 Jun 2009 16:01


Tech: The real innovation in Apple’s new lineup? Price.

  • $99 Cost of the iPhone 3G, which is the same but cheaper source