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21 Sep 2010 20:53


U.S.: Obesity is expensive, but it’s way more expensive for women

  • $4,879 the yearly cost of being obese for women
  • $2,646 the yearly cost of being obese for men source
  • » Why the disparity?: Apparently, it’s because overweight women tend to make less than thin women do, but men suffer from no similar weight tax on their income. The really scary thing, by the way, is that once life expectancy is factored in, the numbers become significantly higher – $8,365 for women and $6,518 for men. Yikes.

06 Feb 2010 12:11


Offbeat: Move over, Mobember. It’s Bearduary. Facial hair unite

05 Dec 2009 10:41


Culture: More vapid men showing off their chest hair for some reason

  • Even if people were making fun of me, calling me ‘Miami Vice’ like they used to in college, I would still wear it. It feels comfortable and I like the way it looks. If you can pull off three buttons undone, then do it.
  • True Blood” star Mehcad Brooks • On his tendency to wear his shirts with a few buttons down. It’s apparently a hip trend right now, according to The Wall Street Journal. In terms of the credit for the popular return of the trend, they claim Tom Ford, the fashion-designer-turned-director, was first to the scene after it went away for a couple of decades. We hate stupid trends. source

02 Dec 2009 09:56


Offbeat: Men who don’t watch porn, raise your hand. *crickets*

  • A study falsely assumed that some men don’t watch porn. boy, were they wrong. University of Montreal Professor Simon Louis Lajeunesse had a great idea for a study – let’s look at the views of men who don’t watch porn. He found it impossible, due to the fact that he couldn’t find any. Instead, his study focused on the viewing habits of men who watch it (which are fairly normal). Nice save, bro. source

28 Jul 2009 10:12


Offbeat: Japan’s men give up on dating, Part II: The “herbivore” movement

  • “Herbivore” = We’re living our lives as boring as possible. Shunning the ideals of corporate success, relationships and sex, many men in Japan (on top of the ones who date Anime characters) describe themselves as “herbivorous.” Basically, rather than force themselves up the corporate ladder, they say screw it and work at Japan’s equivalent of a truck stop their entire lives. “I don’t think my parents’ way of life is for me,” said boring hotel worker Roshinante. “I still struggle between the traditional notion of how men should be and how I am.” Jesus, women of Japan, what makes you so scary that dudes go out of their way not to date you? source

27 Jul 2009 11:13


Offbeat: Stupid study of the day: Women are getting hotter, guys

  • ladies A researcher found that beautiful women tended to have 16% more children than less attractive women, facilitating the birth of increasingly more attractive women. Creepiest part: Photos were used in research.
  • dudes Also according to the story, it doesn’t matter how attractive a man is – it doesn’t seem to have any sort of effect on how attractive their kids are. So ugly dudes, don’t give up hope: Your kid could still be the next Brad Pitt! source

26 Apr 2009 22:22


U.S.: Cut cholesterol and keep your prostate cancer-free, all at once!

  • Researchers say statin drugs help old dudes in more ways than one. In a test of 2,447 older men, research showed that just 6% of all men using statin drugs, already shown to help prevent heart disease, got prostrate cancer. On the other hand, those who didn’t take statin drugs were three times more likely to get it. The rates are still preliminary, and more testing will be needed to confirm the claims, but hooray for research! source

11 Apr 2009 09:38


World: Why it sucks to be a single dude in China

  • 32 million more men than women; thanks, Chinese birth limits source

07 Apr 2009 07:51


Sports: UNC: Your NCAA win was destined, but we still don’t like it

  • 5-0 North Carolina’s record against Michigan State in NCAA tourney games
  • 55-34 UNC’s lead over MSU at halftime; they easily won in double digits, per usual, 89-72 source

26 Mar 2009 10:34


U.S.: Best way to stop the stem of STDs in men? Circumcision, doctors say.

  • All providers who care for pregnant women and infants have a responsibility to assure that mothers and fathers know that circumcision could help protect their sons.
  • Dr Judith Wasserheit • Researcher at the University of Washington, on the role that circumcision can play in protecting men from the most common sexually-transmitted diseases. You know, there are many jokes we could make here, but for your sake as well as ours, we’re not going to make them. • source