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26 Nov 2010 15:18


Offbeat: National emergency: Obama busted his lip playing hoops

  • 12 stitches needed; don’t miss this week’s YouTube address source

01 Jan 2010 18:55


Culture: The Washington Wizards reportedly have a gun problem

  • bad Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas owed teammate Javaris Crittenton money.
  • worse The loose cannon Arenas apparently wouldn’t pay Crittenton back his debt for some reason.
  • worser Both of them apparently pulled out firearms in the locker room. Because that’s smart. source

29 Nov 2009 10:43


Culture: Obama goes to basketball games when his brother-in-law is coaching

Last night, our president showed up at a George Washington college basketball game, but we’re convinced that it’s because of the away team, Oregon State. source

23 Aug 2009 10:47


Sports: Why Steve Nash is listed as executive producer of “Shaq Vs.”

  • first Soon after Shaq joins the Phoenix Suns, Steve Nash tells the team his idea for a show – a reality show where he’d take on athletes from other sports.
  • second Early into Shaq’s second season with the team, he announces that he’s going to create a similar show. Steve Nash gets pissed and tensions quickly rise.
  • third Now it’s August. Shaq’s been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The show sucks. But at the end, Steve Nash is listed as executive producer. LOL. source

07 Aug 2009 19:38


Sports: Ben Wallace grovels his way back to the Pistons fold

  • 2006 In a classic bad career move, Detroit’s biggest star, Ben Wallace, takes a massive payday from Pistons’ biggest rival, the Chicago Bulls. He quickly declines.
  • 2009 After spending time sucking for two different teams, Wallace re-signs with the Pistons for the veterans’ minimum. He didn’t completely burn the bridge. source

26 Jun 2009 00:06


Sports: Blake Griffin is pretty much the only good thing about the NBA Draft

Griffin’s a tour de force, but he’s a class above just about everyone else in the draft. Which is why trades are where the real action’s happening. source

25 Jun 2009 11:13


Sports: Whoa: Shaq and Lebron are probably going to be on the same team

  • One of the NBA’s greats + one of the NBA’s rising greats? Shaq always works better when he’s in tandem with a hot property. Shaq and Penny. Shaq and Kobe. Shaq and Dwayne. Shaq and … Steve Nash? Which may be why he’s about to get traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Phoenix Suns in a pre-draft big news moment. Now, Shaq isn’t the explosive superpower he was back in the day, but he still showed up in this year’s All-Star game. And he has the greatest Twitter feed ever. Which, strangely, hasn’t mentioned this yet. source

15 Jun 2009 01:25


Sports: The NBA Finals are over. The Lakers won. How did the Magic take it?

Sure, the Lakers won, but we always think failure is more interesting. So here’s a shot of Dwight Howard looking really sad. source

14 Jun 2009 11:47


Sports: From hoops to selling cars: Everything but net for Ed O’Bannon

You might remember Ed O’Bannon from his storied career at UCLA. Or his cruddy one in the NBA. Now he sells cars. What happened? source

04 Jun 2009 22:34


Sports: LeBron fined $25 G’s. Guess he’s not getting the gold-plated iPhone.

  • He asked that I express to the media, the Magic and the fans his apology, and particularly the young fans, because he knows he has a responsibility to all of our fans, and that sportsmanship is appropriate whether you win or whether you lose.
  • NBA Commissioner David Stern • On LeBron James’ $25,000 fine for not shaking hands or talking to the media after the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Orlando Magic in the NBA playoffs. It’s his first incident, ever. We blame ourselves for his misconduct. We set the example. Give us the fine, David! WE’RE SORRY!!!!!! • source