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19 Oct 2011 16:43


Culture: Bryant Gumbel likens NBA commish Stern to “plantation overseer”

  • If the NBA lockout is going to be resolved anytime soon, it seems likely to be done in spite of David Stern, not because of him. His efforts are typical of a commissioner who has always seemed eager to be viewed as some kind of modern-day plantation overseer, treating NBA men as if they were his boys.
  • HBO’s Bryant Gumbel • Comparing NBA comissioner David Stern to a “plantation overseer,” a reference chock-full of obvious racial implications. We feel a bit at a loss to really weigh in on the accuracy of these remarks; the NBA lockout negotiations have been somewhat opaque, with the exception of a source claiming Kevin Garnett’s intensity “f***ed everything up.” Gumbel’s tenor makes it seem pretty obvious he’s referring to a respect issue between Stern and the players, though the slavery reference will make some people’s eyes roll in the context of whether millionaires (the 1%, so to speak) will become millionaires additional times over. That said, Gumbel is a veteran and respected sports journalist, and may have insight into these proceedings unknown to us. source

06 Jan 2010 21:16


Culture: Gunplay fail: Gilbert Arenas all jokes even when he shouldn’t be

  • It’s not often that a single photo kills an entire career. But in the case of Gilbert Arenas, this photo of him joking around about the gun incident last month – after he was already on thin ice with both the NBA and the law for the incident in the first place – led to an epic indefinite suspension and created controversy around the photo itself. That’s a good photo.

How it screws up Gilbert’s career

  • Wizards’ magic trick Arenas has been the franchise star of the Wizards for years, and he’s been something of a train wreck for most of them, partly due to his antics and history as a “jokester,” partly because he’s been injured for most of the last few years. Plus, they suck this season. He’s probably gone.
  • Promises of pain NBA commissioner David Stern is a guy who doesn’t screw around and will bring pain onto stars he thinks deserve it (just ask Ron Artest). And when he suggests “or worse” in reference to an indefinite suspension, you know he’s freaking screwed. Don’t screw with David Stern.
  • Career-ender?It’s too soon to tell whether the incident will completely screw up what had going with the NBA, but with promises of a trial and the fact that he had guns in Washington, D.C. (which has some of the strictest drug laws in the country), it might be. Or he might be Michael Vick. source

The situation with the photo

  • snapped The photo was taken last night before a game. He was joking around with his teammates, making gun symbols with his fingers.
  • snatched The next day, the NBA had Getty Images remove the photo from the wire for most of the day. The Washington Post nailed them. source

Gil’s tweets

  • I know everybody seen the pre game teammate thought to break the tention we should do that..but this is gettn way to much
  • Gilbert Arenas • Regarding the fate of his fingers, and the incredibly stupid reasoning behind them. Whichever teammate suggested that should be slapped, because he just cost Arenas a career. On a side note, does this guy know when not to tweet? Like, say, when you’re being investigated? source

03 Sep 2009 20:55


Sports: The NBA doesn’t want to be seen as the heavy on Twitter

  • David Stern sounds willing to find common ground. The NBA commissioner mentioned that the league was considering a Twitter policy akin to the NFL’s, but that it would be considerate of the players’ rights. The league has done a fairly good job of using the service so far, as they have over one million followers, and boast one of its most famous (and arguably best) users in Shaq. Don’t screw it up, guys. source

04 Jun 2009 22:34


Sports: LeBron fined $25 G’s. Guess he’s not getting the gold-plated iPhone.

  • He asked that I express to the media, the Magic and the fans his apology, and particularly the young fans, because he knows he has a responsibility to all of our fans, and that sportsmanship is appropriate whether you win or whether you lose.
  • NBA Commissioner David Stern • On LeBron James’ $25,000 fine for not shaking hands or talking to the media after the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Orlando Magic in the NBA playoffs. It’s his first incident, ever. We blame ourselves for his misconduct. We set the example. Give us the fine, David! WE’RE SORRY!!!!!! • source

02 Jun 2009 22:13


Sports: The NBA would like to have a word with LeBron James

  • Everything’s big when you follow the NBA, so I’m going to step back and ask not to be pushed too hard right now [on the incident]. I’ve got a few irons in the fire.
  • NBA Commissioner David Stern • On the “Handshakegate” drama facing LeBron James after he failed to shake hands or talk to the media after Cleveland’s playoff-series-losing loss to the Orlando Magic the other night. Despite the drama, James, one of the league’s biggest teddy bears, would not be fined. “We haven’t had any issues with him before at all,” said NBA spokesman Tim Frank. • source