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13 Jun 2011 17:24


Culture: LeBron James isn’t (not) bothered by the haters

  • All the people that were rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They have the same personal problems they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that. So they can get a few days or a few months or whatever the case may be on being happy … But they got to get back to the real world at some point.
  • Miami Heat forward LeBron James • Speaking during his post-game press conference after losing the championship to the heavy underdog Dallas Mavericks in six games. This is exactly the sort of remark that feeds the public’s disdain for James, a disdain that’s been steadily growing since his decision to help form a Voltron-style superteam down in South Beach (and being not so humble doing it). What’s especially illuminating about this quote, besides the implication that the common NBA fan rooting against him is probably some tribulation-addled scrub with an unenviable life, is that it completely defeats the point he was trying to make; that he isn’t bothered by people being happy that he lost. “I don’t care what you think, cause you’re a loser with a loser life compared to mine?” Yeah, doesn’t sound like you’re quite at ease with this, man. source

07 Oct 2009 09:24


07 Oct 2009 09:18


U.S.: Cleveland too small for Braylon Edwards & LeBron James

  • Cleveland Browns star Braylon Edwards was accused of assaulting a good friend of Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James outside of a nightclub. source
  • Braylon Edwards was traded to the NY Jets; many think that it was because of the incident. Yes, Lebron is powerful enough to get a football player traded. source

24 Jul 2009 11:54


Sports: LeBron comes clean about his high-school hijinks in a new book

  • Was the vehicle excessive, with its bank of three televisions? Maybe. Probably. Of course it was. So were the BMWs parked in the St. V lot, belonging to fellow students. But nobody ever questioned those.
  • LeBron James • Defending his mother’s purchase of (and acquiring of a $50,000 loan to help pay for) a Hummer. James was under heavy scrutiny at the time, as something of a “chosen one” at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio who had already appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. In his book, “Shooting Stars,” out this fall, James also admits to smoking pot with his teammates in a hotel room one night. “Stars” was co-written with Buzz Bissinger, who wrote a book you might know better for its TV show and movie adaptations – “Friday Night Lights.” • source

17 Jul 2009 14:58


Politics, U.S.: Obama sez black role models aren’t good enough

  • They might think they’ve got a pretty good jump shot or a pretty good flow, but our kids can’t all aspire to be the next LeBron or Lil Wayne. I want them aspiring to be scientists and engineers, doctors and teachers, not just ballers and rappers.
  • President Barack Obama • Speaking at last night’s NAACP 100th anniversary dinner. The president has largely avoided taking on issues of race in his presidency, letting his actions speak for themselves, but spoke openly about the racial divide at the dinner, saying “the pain of discrimination is still felt in America.” But of all the comments he made, this one strikes the hardest. Obama isn’t saying that either LeBron or Lil Wayne are bad on their own, but they set terrible examples for children. You don’t want to lean too hard on the “scientists or engineers” angle here, but he has a solid point. • source

25 Jun 2009 11:13


Sports: Whoa: Shaq and Lebron are probably going to be on the same team

  • One of the NBA’s greats + one of the NBA’s rising greats? Shaq always works better when he’s in tandem with a hot property. Shaq and Penny. Shaq and Kobe. Shaq and Dwayne. Shaq and … Steve Nash? Which may be why he’s about to get traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Phoenix Suns in a pre-draft big news moment. Now, Shaq isn’t the explosive superpower he was back in the day, but he still showed up in this year’s All-Star game. And he has the greatest Twitter feed ever. Which, strangely, hasn’t mentioned this yet. source

04 Jun 2009 22:34


Sports: LeBron fined $25 G’s. Guess he’s not getting the gold-plated iPhone.

  • He asked that I express to the media, the Magic and the fans his apology, and particularly the young fans, because he knows he has a responsibility to all of our fans, and that sportsmanship is appropriate whether you win or whether you lose.
  • NBA Commissioner David Stern • On LeBron James’ $25,000 fine for not shaking hands or talking to the media after the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Orlando Magic in the NBA playoffs. It’s his first incident, ever. We blame ourselves for his misconduct. We set the example. Give us the fine, David! WE’RE SORRY!!!!!! • source

02 Jun 2009 22:13


Sports: The NBA would like to have a word with LeBron James

  • Everything’s big when you follow the NBA, so I’m going to step back and ask not to be pushed too hard right now [on the incident]. I’ve got a few irons in the fire.
  • NBA Commissioner David Stern • On the “Handshakegate” drama facing LeBron James after he failed to shake hands or talk to the media after Cleveland’s playoff-series-losing loss to the Orlando Magic the other night. Despite the drama, James, one of the league’s biggest teddy bears, would not be fined. “We haven’t had any issues with him before at all,” said NBA spokesman Tim Frank. • source

31 May 2009 10:47


Sports: Sorry your season went up in smoke, Lebron James. :(

23 May 2009 12:50


Sports: We dislike LeBron James because he’s better than us

Freakin’ showoff, having to hit all those last-second buzzer beaters to win games. WTFever man. source