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26 Nov 2009 11:19


U.S.: Many are thankful for Shaq paying for Shaniya Davis’ funeral

  • The funeral On Sunday, more than 2,000 people showed up to Davis’ funeral – a sad, disturbing end for the five-year-old girl. It came out yesterday that the NBA star paid for the funeral.
  • The backstory Davis, of Fayetteville, North Carolina, went missing earlier this month and was found six days later in a wooded area. She was a victim of child prostitution and kidnapping.
  • The charges
    Mario McNeill was arrested for the murder, with video evidence implicating him. Davis’ mother, Antoinette, was charged with human trafficking charges related to child prostitution. source

23 Aug 2009 10:47


Sports: Why Steve Nash is listed as executive producer of “Shaq Vs.”

  • first Soon after Shaq joins the Phoenix Suns, Steve Nash tells the team his idea for a show – a reality show where he’d take on athletes from other sports.
  • second Early into Shaq’s second season with the team, he announces that he’s going to create a similar show. Steve Nash gets pissed and tensions quickly rise.
  • third Now it’s August. Shaq’s been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The show sucks. But at the end, Steve Nash is listed as executive producer. LOL. source

25 Jun 2009 11:13


Sports: Whoa: Shaq and Lebron are probably going to be on the same team

  • One of the NBA’s greats + one of the NBA’s rising greats? Shaq always works better when he’s in tandem with a hot property. Shaq and Penny. Shaq and Kobe. Shaq and Dwayne. Shaq and … Steve Nash? Which may be why he’s about to get traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Phoenix Suns in a pre-draft big news moment. Now, Shaq isn’t the explosive superpower he was back in the day, but he still showed up in this year’s All-Star game. And he has the greatest Twitter feed ever. Which, strangely, hasn’t mentioned this yet. source

19 Mar 2009 20:57


Offbeat, Sports: Breaking news: Shaq wanted Dairy Queen. Then he got it.

  • Can I plaese cheat on my diet and go to dairy. Queen pls pls pls
  • Shaquille O’Neal • On his always-entertaining Twitter account. An hour later, he posted this. He somehow made the process of getting ice cream seem like a life-or-death endeavor. He really is the coolest sports celebrity ever. See, this is why they say Twitter is the future of news. Because now we know when Shaq breaks his diet to eat Dairy Queen. • source

05 Mar 2009 10:06


Sports: Amusing catfight #2: Shaq Vs. Stan Van Gundy

  • Flopping to me is doing it more than one time, and I realized when I tried to take the charge, as I went down, I realized that that play reminded me of his whole coaching career.
  • Shaquille O’Neal • On allegations by Stan Van Gundy that Shaq flopped during a game against Van Gundy’s Orlando Magic. O’Neal went further, saying that his former Phoenix Suns coach was a “master of panic” that screwed up their playoff run last season. Best part: He repeated his comments for members of the press who were late to hear him say it the first time. • source

16 Feb 2009 00:26


Sports: Don’t Kobe and Shaq look so cute together?

They were co-MVPs at the NBA All-Star Game, and helped the West topple the East, 146-119. source

15 Feb 2009 16:49


Sports: Shaq looks back on his pretty awesome career

  • … Jon Koncak signed for $5 million a year and I said to myself, ‘If this guy can get $5 million a year, I’ve got to get 15.’
  • Shaquille O’Neal • Talking about his initially modest salary requirements (well, for the NBA) and his legendary soon-to-end NBA career. He’s been in the league 17 seasons and is about to play his 15th All-Star Game. Also, back in the day, he broke a couple of backboards. • source