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24 Mar 2009 10:09


Sports: Stan Van Gundy tries starting Patrick Ewing drama with the Knicks

  • They honor him, but while they’ve got a lot of ex-players in their organization, they’ve never made any move to try to hire him. That to me is amazing.
  • Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy • On his assistant Patrick Ewing, a major star for the New York Knicks in the 80s and 90s. Despite this (and a pretty pathetic recent history), the Knicks have made no attempt to make Ewing a part of the team’s staff or management. Well, at least he’s big-upping a big man instead of tearing one down. • source

05 Mar 2009 10:06


Sports: Amusing catfight #2: Shaq Vs. Stan Van Gundy

  • Flopping to me is doing it more than one time, and I realized when I tried to take the charge, as I went down, I realized that that play reminded me of his whole coaching career.
  • Shaquille O’Neal • On allegations by Stan Van Gundy that Shaq flopped during a game against Van Gundy’s Orlando Magic. O’Neal went further, saying that his former Phoenix Suns coach was a “master of panic” that screwed up their playoff run last season. Best part: He repeated his comments for members of the press who were late to hear him say it the first time. • source