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13 Mar 2010 12:23


Culture: Jack Bauer’s fate could get outfoxed by a peacock

  • “24” could leave Fox soon, only to show up on NBC. Could the never-ending adventures of Jack Bauer live another day? That’s the word on the street from NBC, which is itching for more dramas after that whole Jay Leno experiment went bust. Fox is thinking about canceling the show due to dipping ratings and rising costs, which would open the producers up to make Jack Bauer movies, but NBC’s gauntlet could throw a wrench in that plan. source

12 Jan 2010 10:29


Culture: Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien both let loose on NBC. AWESOME!!!!

  • Leno trashes In case anyone’s wondering where Leno stands in the wake of this whole situation, here’s your video proof. He’s clearly unhappy about the whole thing. Our respect for him goes up after watching this.

  • Conan’s options Not to be outdone, the pompadoured redhead ripped on NBC even harder than Leno did, with a hilarious list of options the late-night host has after the late-night debacle. Our favorite is the last one. Easily.

08 Dec 2009 08:59


Culture: Tiger Woods drama: Uh, holy crap. Who’s on that stretcher?

  • Whoever’s on that stretcher isn’t looking so hot. This morning, a 911 call came from the home of Tiger Woods, leading to someone taken to the hospital on a stretcher from a nearby house. The person on the stretcher has been described as a “blonde woman.” She was followed in an SUV driven by someone matching Elin Nordegren’s description. Jesus, let’s hope this isn’t bad. (On a side note: The Orlando Sentinel, despite being updated just moments ago, has a complete fail of correct, up-to-date information. We apologize for using their site for this story.) source

02 Oct 2009 13:30


Culture: “Hi, I’m Jon Gosselin. I’m a douchebag and I need work. Pay me.”

  • He wanted more than $30,000 dollars to show up for just a couple hours. The funny part was we didn’t even reach out to him. He called us asking to come. We didn’t pay him.
  • A publicist dealing with Jon Gosselin • Describing the (well, former) “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star’s demeanor when he tried to help at an event. Gosselin, who’s in the midst of a crappy, annoying war of drama with the TLC network over the show that made him (in)famous, needs money to keep up his d-baggy lifestyle. So he’s asking for huge appearance fees right now. • source

20 Sep 2009 12:08


Offbeat: This story has all of the elements of scandal you could ever want

  • What it has an ex-stripper
    a priest
    a baby
  • What it doesn’t have celibacy
    DNA tests
    a happy ending
  • The end resulta restraining order
    time off

28 Jul 2009 10:26


Politics, Sports: Is the NFL kicking Michael Vick when he’s down?

  • A man just spent two years in a federal penitentiary, but for Goodell — the commissioner of a sport in which a grown man runs around with a ball until someone else tackles him to the ground — doing real, hard time wasn’t enough.
  • columnist Howard Bryant • In a scathing criticism of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of the Michael Vick saga. As opposed to just letting the man play after years of suspension and two years of jail, Goodell tacked another suspension on top of that. Regarding the possibility that Goodell could actually extend the suspension, Bryant says, “There is something childish and vindictive and personal about this, and that is the secondary, more sinister element in the ruling.” • source

23 Jul 2009 20:32


U.S.: Half of New Jersey arrested in a corruption scandal for the ages

  • 44 people arrested in the massive sting operation, which has more lurid details than a book about the beginnings of Facebook
  • three city mayors were arrested along with two state assemblymen and five rabbis; no word on whether they were walking into a bar source

09 Jul 2009 22:21


U.S.: Yo, Roland, glad to hear you aren’t being a jerk anymore

  • Dude won’t run for Senate in 2010. Whew. Roland Burris, who played an incredibly lame game of hokey pokey with Obama’s old Illinois Senate seat with the help of impeached governor Rod Blagojevich, finally gets the hint. Nobody wants him there. As a result, he plans to announce that he won’t run next year, according to party officials. (Not like he’d have a chance anyway, considering all the questions about how he got the seat.) We still think the guy’s a douche, but he’s at least going to be out of everyone’s hairs in a year and a half. source

03 Jul 2009 16:01


30 Jun 2009 21:48


U.S.: Let’s take this time to honor two of our favorite painkillers ever

  • Hugs & kisses to Vicodin Percocet
    Ah, Vicodin. What can we say about you that hasn’t already been said? When we were laid up that one time because of back problems, you pulled through like a champ. Too bad the FDA says you’re not good for our liver and is probably going to ban you. We know. Life’s not fair sometimes.
  • Peace & prosperity to Percocet Percocet
    And … Percocet. We aren’t as cool with you, bro, but we do think you’re a pretty spiffy way to take the pain away from any sort of physical pain drama. But, alas – like Vicodin – you’re a mix of acetaminophen with another drug. We’d totally base an addiction on you. source