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06 Jan 2011 10:48


Culture: So, how far did the homeless radio man Ted Williams fall?

  • Of all the people I’ve worked with in radio in 25 years, he would have been the last one I would guess would be famous. To be honest, I’m shocked he’s still alive, considering all the stuff he was into.
  • A former co-worker of golden-voiced homeless man Ted Williams • Explaining their experience working in radio with the man who’s dramatically been given multiple second chances this week. Williams, who has spent about five months in jail over the last twenty years and has a long-ranging list of misdemeanors, reportedly had a reputation of theft, according to the co-worker. Williams, who has six children (and myriad grandchildren and great-grandchildren), ended his marriage in 1998 because of his infidelity and crack-cocaine habit. He’s been clean for the last two years, and showed up on the “Today Show” this morning. Talk about comeback stories. Let’s hope that this time, he doesn’t get sucked into a world of drugs and alcohol. source

05 Jan 2011 21:39


Culture: Golden-voiced homeless guy comes with lots of baggage

  • » The Cavs still want to help, though: Look, if you have a long history of drug and alcohol abuse like Williams here, it’s understandable that there might be a criminal record in there. But that isn’t deterring Quicken Loans, which owns the Cleveland Cavaliers and has offered Williams a home along with an voiceover job with the team and company. “We believe in second chances and second opportunities,” said Tracy Marek, senior vice president of marketing for the Cavaliers. “The gentleman deserves an opportunity to explain certain situations. We’re not jumping to conclusions. It’s not fair.” We hope that the obvious rough edges don’t deter anyone else, either. Too many give up on the homeless – and most of them don’t become YouTube celebrities.

07 Oct 2009 09:18


U.S.: Cleveland too small for Braylon Edwards & LeBron James

  • monday Cleveland Browns star Braylon Edwards was accused of assaulting a good friend of Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James outside of a nightclub.
  • wednesday Braylon Edwards was traded to the NY Jets; many think that it was because of the incident. Yes, Lebron is powerful enough to get a football player traded. source

18 Sep 2009 16:56


Sports: NBA guy Delonte West all prepped for nonexistent “Mad Max” sequel

Delonte West
  • He was arrested on weapons charges on a three-wheel hog. You thought we were joking with that headline, weren’t you? Delonte West, currently a starting shooting guard with the Cleveland Cavaliers, was arrested in Prince George’s County, Md. last night after he a.) cut off a police officer on his three-wheeled motorcycle on I-95, b.) admitted to carrying one weapon, and c.) was found to have two others, including one in a guitar case slung on his back. Dude! Dude. source

25 Jun 2009 11:13


Sports: Whoa: Shaq and Lebron are probably going to be on the same team

  • One of the NBA’s greats + one of the NBA’s rising greats? Shaq always works better when he’s in tandem with a hot property. Shaq and Penny. Shaq and Kobe. Shaq and Dwayne. Shaq and … Steve Nash? Which may be why he’s about to get traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Phoenix Suns in a pre-draft big news moment. Now, Shaq isn’t the explosive superpower he was back in the day, but he still showed up in this year’s All-Star game. And he has the greatest Twitter feed ever. Which, strangely, hasn’t mentioned this yet. source

04 Jun 2009 22:34


Sports: LeBron fined $25 G’s. Guess he’s not getting the gold-plated iPhone.

  • He asked that I express to the media, the Magic and the fans his apology, and particularly the young fans, because he knows he has a responsibility to all of our fans, and that sportsmanship is appropriate whether you win or whether you lose.
  • NBA Commissioner David Stern • On LeBron James’ $25,000 fine for not shaking hands or talking to the media after the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Orlando Magic in the NBA playoffs. It’s his first incident, ever. We blame ourselves for his misconduct. We set the example. Give us the fine, David! WE’RE SORRY!!!!!! • source

02 Jun 2009 22:13


Sports: The NBA would like to have a word with LeBron James

  • Everything’s big when you follow the NBA, so I’m going to step back and ask not to be pushed too hard right now [on the incident]. I’ve got a few irons in the fire.
  • NBA Commissioner David Stern • On the “Handshakegate” drama facing LeBron James after he failed to shake hands or talk to the media after Cleveland’s playoff-series-losing loss to the Orlando Magic the other night. Despite the drama, James, one of the league’s biggest teddy bears, would not be fined. “We haven’t had any issues with him before at all,” said NBA spokesman Tim Frank. • source

31 May 2009 10:47


Sports: Sorry your season went up in smoke, Lebron James. :(

23 May 2009 12:50


Sports: We dislike LeBron James because he’s better than us

Freakin’ showoff, having to hit all those last-second buzzer beaters to win games. WTFever man. source

05 Feb 2009 11:00


Sports: LeBron’s feat, in the words of a Cleveland Cavaliers teammate

  • A pretty impressive triple-double. I bet his fantasy owners are pretty happy.
  • Wally Szczerbiak • A teammate of LeBron James in Cleveland. The Cavs, at 39-9, are in the midst of a pretty killer season, helped, no doubt, by James, who has 21 career triple-doubles. • source