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15 Oct 2010 21:42


Biz: Here’s something you didn’t know about Toyota’s brand recognition

So, fun fact about Toyota trucks: They’re well-respected the world over by rebel and insurgent groups, to the point that they’re telltale signs. source

21 Sep 2010 10:37


Politics: Christine O’Donnell’s money problems lead to FEC complaint

O’Donnell has unique financial problems. She hasn’t had a steady job in years and apparently used campaign funds to pay $20,000 in rent and other personal expenses. source

19 Sep 2010 21:02


Music: Why not? Frank Zappa’s bust dedicated in Baltimore

Baltimore is the weirdest city on the planet. Between Edgar Allen Poe, Frank Zappa and Dan Deacon, it’s gonna be hard to take the weird outta that city. source

15 Sep 2010 23:03


15 Sep 2010 01:48


Tech: Dell’s Streak: If you can’t beat the iPad, focus on doctors (?)

  • consumers The target audience of Apple’s iPad, which is super-popular and stuff with everybody. Doctors may use these at work.
  • doctors The apparent target audience of Dell’s 5-inch Streak, which dovetails nicely into the company’s huge health care business. source

30 Aug 2010 21:07


World: Not even MacGyver convinced by odd couple’s weird luggage

  • We don’t know yet if these two end up being bad guys or are just really strange people.
  • A U.S. official • Speaking about the detention of two people who had some really weird crap in their checked luggage on a flight from Chicago to Amsterdam. (They were detained by Dutch police after the end of the flight, by the way.) One dude had $7,000 in cash for no good reason. The other had a cell phone taped to a bottle of Pepto-Bismol (which isn’t a bomb, by the way), a bunch of cell phones taped together (also not a bomb) and a bunch of watches taped together (not a bomb, either). ABC News has reported that it appeared to be a dry run for a bombing attack, to check how secure the system was, but officials don’t know yet. Let’s hope they were just idiots who were holding a bottle of Pepto-Bismol for ransom. source

19 Aug 2010 09:29


Tech: Facebook Places launch: The announcement was super-weird to us

Is it just us, or are Facebook product launches kind of like secret society rituals, what with the gongs and bizarre in-jokes and stuff? source

29 Jun 2010 11:05


World: Israeli diplomats: Every day is “Casual Friday” for them right now

  • cause Israeli diplomats don’t think they’re getting paid wages on par with other government agencies.
  • reaction They decided to protest the conditions … by wearing jeans and sandals to work. source
  • » Our thoughts: If they really want to punish them, they should wear socks with the sandals. Though that might be a little cruel and unusual.

09 Jun 2010 11:18


Offbeat: School: You can take your test whenever if we can spy on you

  • Somehow, fingerprints and cameras doesn’t sound better than sitting in a classroom. University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, is testing a new exams-at-your-leisure program by Software Secure. You can take tests anytime, but it shuts off your Internet and watches to ensure you’re not cheating. It’s intended for people who have full-time jobs, but honestly it just sounds a wee bit over-the-top. source

11 May 2010 10:35


Tech: Bill Gates throws money to a bunch of awesome crap for no reason

  • 78 the number of health projects Bill Gates is funding
  • $100,000 the amount each of the project
    got from Gates source
  • » What did he fund, anyway? In order of weirdness (least weird to most weird): A cell phone microscope to help fight malaria, a vaccine triggered by human sweat, treating migrant workers’ scarves with insecticide to reduce malaria, using ultrasounds at reversible male contraceptives, a way to control mosquitoes using flesh-eating plants, and an imaging technology to kill parasites with FRICKIN’ LASER BEAMS.