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18 Nov 2010 12:23


Politics: UNC journalism students prove transparency trumps scandal

  • In shocking J-School news, Monty Cook, the former editor of the Baltimore Sun who caught on as a journalism instructor at the University of North Carolina, recently had to quit his job over a fairly salacious scandal. This is not about that, really. Our interest in the story is how his students handled the incident. They reported on it with a level of transparency that should be respected. They offered up every detail they could and showed that, even as their instructor lost his way, their journalism chops were there, remaining level-headed through the whole mess. Few journalistic enterprises can claim that they would handle something like this so well. source

30 May 2009 14:59


Sports: UNC’s Tyler Hansbrough to haters: Screw you, I’m still hot

  • I’m not worried about it. It’s just a bunch of people saying whatever they want. I think I’ll prove a lot of people wrong.
  • North Carolina superstar and future NBA draft pick Tyler Hansbrough • On his chances of replicating his success at UNC in the NBA. Hansbrough, the 2008 Naismith and Wooden awards winner, thinks that his style of play might actually be better-suited to the NBA due to the fact that there’s more one-on-one defending, while in college he “had three people guarding me for the past three years.” • source

07 Apr 2009 07:59


Sports: Why MSU choked in the NCAA championship

  • I just don’t think we did the things we did all year. When you say that, you take away some credit from North Carolina, and I don’t want to do that. It was a combination of us and them, but we need to take some of the blame.
  • Michigan State coach Tom Izzo • On why their team, on a solid NCAA tournament run, faltered in the final game. Before last night, they were a feel-good story. • source

07 Apr 2009 07:51


Sports: UNC: Your NCAA win was destined, but we still don’t like it

  • 5-0 North Carolina’s record against Michigan State in NCAA tourney games
  • 55-34 UNC’s lead over MSU at halftime; they easily won in double digits, per usual, 89-72 source

06 Apr 2009 13:08


Sports: Duh: Michael Jordan goes into Basketball hall of fame

In the most obvious selection in history, the inevitable MJ induction is no longer getting held off by Naismith. source

21 Mar 2009 22:18


Sports: Ty Lawson’s toe isn’t holding him back from rockin’ with UNC

The pain may be at a 7 out of 10, but Lawson still helped UNC easily get to the Sweet 16. source

19 Mar 2009 21:36


Sports: No. 16 Radford should’ve stayed home instead of taking on No. 1 UNC

  • 101-58 proof UNC’s players are really cyborgs source

18 Mar 2009 10:42


Sports: A computer thinks it knows who will win the NCAA tournament

  • UNC because, hey, computers know everything, right? source

08 Mar 2009 20:33


Sports: UNC proves once again to be ACC kings in men’s hoops

  • 17 outright ACC titles for the Tar Heels. Plus, they beat Duke. source