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27 Dec 2011 21:36


World: Prince Philip leaves hospital, immediately heads to gun-shooting party

  • Some people had expected him to grab his gun and race off to start shooting again as soon as he got back to Sandringham – but he is being sensible.
  • A Norfolk, England villager • Discussing the recent release of Prince Philip from the hospital. The Duke of Edinburgh, who is married to Queen Elizabeth, began his hospital stay Friday night after complaining of chest pains. He had to miss out on the family’s Christmas and Boxing Day traditions — but left the hospital in good spirits. The 90-year-old royal figure received a minimally-invasive coronary stenting procedure, and was released Tuesday; he’s been ordered to rest, however. Over the past year he has attended over 300 public and formal engagements, so resting might be harder than it sounds for him. In fact, as soon as he left, he went to a shooting party at the Sandringham Estate, where he was said to be in a “cheerful” mood. source

18 Feb 2010 11:12


U.S.: Accuser in Duke lacrosse case charged with some crazy stuff

  • Crystal Mangum, the Duke lacrosse rape accuser, was charged with attempted murder in a domestic abuse case in Durham, N.C., after getting in a violent confrontation with her boyfriend Milton Walker and setting his clothes on fire in a bathtub. Above is her police mugshot. We expect this photo to get shown on TV a lot today. source

31 Jan 2010 11:51


Culture: Obama: Good president, better Georgetown play-by-play dude

  • Our president is a total badass, guys. Whether or not you agree with the president’s policies, this is way better than, say, Bill Clinton playing the sax for Arsenio Hall back in the day. It’s like he knows how to let loose and have fun occasionally despite the level of politics going on. And in case you see a dip in the guy’s work output around March or so, he explains why in the video. He watches every single game of March Madness. source

27 Mar 2009 11:04


Sports: These two NCAA tourney games ruined our bracket last night

15 Mar 2009 22:21


Sports: Cause for debate: Who got screwed by Selection Sunday?

  • The mis-seeded The whole killer Big East thing came at the cost of at least two killer No. 2 seeds, Duke and Memphis. Both won their conference finals and both are noted programs with long histories. But they only got a 2 seed. WTF, selection committee?
  • The slighted St. Mary’s, San Diego State and Penn State did pretty good this season yet didn’t make the dance. St. Mary’s only lost six games but were done in by a harsh loss to Gonzaga in their conference final. Now they get the chance for NIT, uh, glory.
  • The surprisesSyracuse got a fairly high 3 seed after proving its awesomeness in the Big East tourney, and Arizona made its 25th straight tourney despite having a pretty mediocre record. Essentially, Arizona best not run into St. Mary’s in a dark alleyway. source

08 Mar 2009 20:33


Sports: UNC proves once again to be ACC kings in men’s hoops

  • 17 outright ACC titles for the Tar Heels. Plus, they beat Duke. source

16 Feb 2009 10:55


Sports: Boston College beat Duke. That’s kind of rare.

  • 24 years since BC last beat the Blue Devils in hoops. Crazy. source

26 Jan 2009 14:52


Sports: Duke’s at No. 1 in men’s hoops again; how common is that?

  • 111 weeks at No. 1 for Duke all-time. This week was their first top showing since 2006.
  • one team has been atop the poll more than Duke – UCLA, which has 23 more showings. source