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06 Dec 2011 10:24


U.S.: Bernie Fine accuser admits to sexually abusing boy himself

  • The only thing that transpired was the same stuff that happened to me. This kid has been through a lot because of the way I controlled him and abused him.
  • Bernie Fine accuser Zach Tomaselli • Admitting to the Associated Press that, years after he says former Syracuse assistant coach Bernie Fine sexually abused him, he did the same thing to another young boy. Fortunately, Tomaselli says that he’s getting help and realizes the error of his way. The revelations came out as a result of the case that Tomaselli is involved in — which will likely lead to a plea bargain for as much as three years in jail and a spot on the sex offenders’ registry — and his lawyer’s attempt to suppress the confession from the press. However, Tomaselli came clean, because he said he was “sick of hiding behind my attorney.” source

30 Nov 2011 15:33


U.S.: Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim explains his defense of Bernie Fine

  • I supported a friend. I’m proud that I did. I think if you know somebody and you work with somebody for 36 years and know them for 48 years, I think you owe a debt of allegiance and gratitude for what he did for the program. That’s what my reaction was.
  • Syracuse basketball head coach Jim Boeheim • Explaining his initial defense of former assistant coach Bernie Fine, with whom Boeheim had worked in Syracuse basketball for nearly four decades. Following news of child molestation claims against Fine, Boeheim vociferously leapt to his assistant’s defense, calling the allegations “a bunch of a thousand lies,” and suggesting the accusers had financial motives. This reactionary and tone-deaf response sparked calls for his resignation, among them those of Rev. Robert Hoatson, who works as an advocate for victims of child sex abuse. It was just last night that Hoatsen revealed he’d been contacted by a fourth person bringing molestation claims against Fine, saying that the abuse began when the man was a young teen. source

17 Aug 2009 11:33


U.S.: Police brutality on YouTube example No. 193,196: Mom gets tasered

  • The cop clearly pulled her out of the car in this case just to taser her. Jerk. We hope he gets fired for doing this during a routine traffic shop. He claimed that Audra Harmon, by the way, was talking on her cell phone, which she says she wasn’t. source

15 Mar 2009 22:21


Sports: Cause for debate: Who got screwed by Selection Sunday?

  • The mis-seeded The whole killer Big East thing came at the cost of at least two killer No. 2 seeds, Duke and Memphis. Both won their conference finals and both are noted programs with long histories. But they only got a 2 seed. WTF, selection committee?
  • The slighted St. Mary’s, San Diego State and Penn State did pretty good this season yet didn’t make the dance. St. Mary’s only lost six games but were done in by a harsh loss to Gonzaga in their conference final. Now they get the chance for NIT, uh, glory.
  • The surprisesSyracuse got a fairly high 3 seed after proving its awesomeness in the Big East tourney, and Arizona made its 25th straight tourney despite having a pretty mediocre record. Essentially, Arizona best not run into St. Mary’s in a dark alleyway. source

15 Mar 2009 11:19


Sports: A quick catch-up on college basketball action

13 Mar 2009 09:21


Sports: Sure, it’s a good game, but Good God, will it ever end?

  • 6OT Syracuse beat Connecticut, kept us up too late source