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17 Feb 2012 10:56


U.S.: Family matters: Son tries to evict 98-year-old mother from home

  • I didn’t think he would do it. My husband worked hard, difficult jobs to buy this house. He built the garage and did a lot of work on the house and he told me never to leave it.
  • 98-year-old Mary Kantorowski • Discussing her 71-year-old son, Peter, who attempted to evict her from her own Connecticut house a couple of months ago. She’s lived there since 1953. The son says he’s concerned for his mother’s well-being, claiming that she’s living in poor conditions and is disoriented. Peter, who owns the house, tried evicting her in an effort to get her to move in with him, or into a nursing home. Instead, she got a lawyer involved and is actively fighting her son’s efforts. Peter says that his intentions are noble, but his brother Jack claims otherwise, suggesting he’s simply trying to sell the home: “There are no other words to call him. He’s just a scumbag.” Does not sound like a good family situation. source

26 Dec 2011 11:33


U.S.: Deadly Christmas house fire kills children, parents of NYC advertising exec

  • It is a terrible, terrible day. There probably has not been a worse Christmas day in the city of Stamford.
  • Stamford, Ct. Mayor Michael Pavia • Discussing the large house fire which left a high-profile NYC advertising exec unscathed but killed her three children, as well as her parents, on Christmas morning. Madonna Badger, who founded the Badger and Winters advertising company, was treated at a local hospital, along with a male acquaintance who was a contractor at the home. Badger bought the $1.7 million home last year. Badger’s husband, who was in NYC at the time, was taken to the home after the fire by police. No cause has been yet determined in the deadly blaze. source

06 Nov 2011 21:00


U.S.: Some Connecticut homes still without power week after snowstorm

  • 80,000 people still can’t turn on their lights source
  • » A missed deadline: More than a week after an early-season snowstorm crippled the Northeast, some parts of Connecticut — still — don’t have power. While officials for Connecticut Light and Power planned to have 99 percent of all Connecticut residents’ power on by now, the company admitted defeat Sunday night. “We have missed our goal, and for that I apologize to everyone,” said Jeffrey Butler, the company’s president. “We have not met our expectations and those we set for all of you.” Butler blamed two strong storms in a two month period — Hurricane Irene and the snowstorm — for the trouble.

29 Aug 2011 10:21


U.S.: Commuters in NYC slowly getting back to normal after Irene

  • positive All of New York City’s subway routes are moving along without much trouble. While service was supposed to be lighter than usual, many riders said they didn’t notice any significant delays.
  • negative However, if you’re commuting from outside the city — especially Connecticut or New Jersey, you’re out of luck. All lines of the Metro-North Railroad are down, as are New Jersey Transit trains. source

06 Jul 2011 22:04


Politics: Connecticut mandates sick leave for employees, first in nation to do so

  • YES every worker in CT will receive paid sick time source
  • » Bucking the trend: 2011 hasn’t been a great year for worker’s rights; for further information on this, Google “Scott Walker.” However, Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy reversed the tide this week, signing a bill that grants all employees, public and private, one hour of mandatory paid sick leave for every 40 hours worked. This is the first real political victory workers have enjoyed all year, at least at the state level; in addition, Connecticut is the first state in the nation to pass such a law. The only thing proponents of the law didn’t get? A signing ceremony for the bill. (Note: the law only applies to companies with more than 50 employees).

18 Jan 2011 20:30


Politics: Joe Lieberman’s polling: Here’s why he isn’t running, kids

  • 31% Lieberman’s approval rating in Connecticut as of right now – he’s a bit of a loose cannon these days
  • 66% of Connecticut residents want to throw the bum out in 2012; now they don’t have to! source
  • » Democrats lick their chops: After Lieberman deftly tiptoed into a 2006 victory over Ned Lamont and some Republican we don’t care about, Democrats felt a little wounded. Now they’ve got reason to be happy, as they actually stand a chance of winning the seat back. On the other side, word is that Linda McMahon plans to run again, giving us more opportunities to link to wrestling videos of her getting tombstoned.

18 Jan 2011 14:04


Politics: How much for a cup of Joementum? Lieberman may need it

  • cause Sen. Joe Lieberman faces reelection in 2012 after spending his last term actively agitating the Democratic party; he went Independent after losing the 2006 primary, then won the race.
  • effect A likely repeat of 2006, with a hotly contested Connecticut Senate primary pitting Lieberman against the Democratic left-wing. Yeah, he may be in the primary despite the “I” currently near his name. source

26 Dec 2010 10:06


Offbeat: Stupid kid learns you shouldn’t bring iPhone to a knife fight

  • dumb Let’s say you’re a would-be robber the week of Christmas. Where’s the best place to rob? An Indian restaurant? Probably not.
  • dumber Now, let’s say you go in there and try to rob said Indian restaurant … oh wait, did you forget that the cooks have knives? Yeah, you’re dumb.
  • dumbest Finally, let’s say that, rather than using a gun to rob said Indian restaurant … you use an iPhone. Yeah, you’re a freaking moron, kid. source

29 Oct 2010 16:00


Politics: Can you wear WWE garb to support Linda McMahon at the polls?

  • YES you can dress up like Hulk Hogan at the polls in CT source

14 Oct 2010 09:58


Politics: Ironically, Linda McMahon having a hard time winning over the ladies

  • How can you claim to be a
    political figure when you are on
    stage wrestling with your own
  • Connecticut resident Stacey Smith • Pinpointing the problem Linda McMahon has with wooing female voters. Part of it is that she’s one of the driving forces behind the WWE, an organization which not only doesn’t cater to women but portrays them cartoonishly. She’s also getting guff because she’s spent so much time and money on negative advertising. The end result? Richard Blumenthal is leading her 2:1 among females, the effect of which has put him well ahead in the race to replace Chris Dodd in the Senate. source