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10 Jan 2012 11:22


U.S.: Small Alaskan town gets all the snow the rest of the country isn’t getting

  • 18′ amount of snow, in feet, that has fallen in the town of Cordova, Alaska this winter
  • 6′ amount of snow, in feet, that has fallen in the past few days alone; it’s reaching a crisis level source
  • » How bad is it getting? To put it simply, the remote Alaskan town needs help. According to one resident, “there is getting to be more snow in Cordova than people and shovels to deal with it.” In some cases, buildings have collapsed. The city’s mayor has already declared a state of emergency and called the National Guard. And they’re not alone: In Nome, in the same state but 700 miles away, they’re waiting on an ice tanker with necessary fuel — and it’s moving very, very slowly.

06 Nov 2011 21:00


U.S.: Some Connecticut homes still without power week after snowstorm

  • 80,000 people still can’t turn on their lights source
  • » A missed deadline: More than a week after an early-season snowstorm crippled the Northeast, some parts of Connecticut — still — don’t have power. While officials for Connecticut Light and Power planned to have 99 percent of all Connecticut residents’ power on by now, the company admitted defeat Sunday night. “We have missed our goal, and for that I apologize to everyone,” said Jeffrey Butler, the company’s president. “We have not met our expectations and those we set for all of you.” Butler blamed two strong storms in a two month period — Hurricane Irene and the snowstorm — for the trouble.

30 Oct 2011 09:34


U.S.: Didya guys hear about all this snow in the friggin’ Northeast?

  • 22″ the amount of snow that fell in one Massachusetts town on Saturday — one of the highest points for the major storm
  • 2.3M the number of people that lost power during the storm, including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (oh no!)
  • three the number of deaths reported from the storm, including an 84-year-old hit by a tree that fell into his home source
  • » A Halloween surprise? For many people, the dramatic change in weather was surprising, to say the least. “This is absolutely a lot more snow than I expected to see today,” said New Jersey resident and driveway-shoveler Carole Shepherd. “I can’t believe it’s not even Halloween and it’s snowing already.” (Edit: We’re idiots, we put a single prime instead of a double prime on the first number. Our bad. Fixed.)

01 Feb 2011 10:26


U.S.: Mother Nature hates Americans: Chicago gets snowy, NYC gets icy

  • number of feet of snow expected in the Chicago area this week
  • 0.3˝number of inches of ice –  ICE! – expected in NYC this week
  • 3,897 number of flights that have been cancelled so far source

27 Jan 2011 10:21


U.S.: NYC sets January snowfall record (grumble grumble)

  • 36˝ number of inches of snow that has fallen in Central Park this month – a January record, by the way
  • 27.4˝ the previous record, set all the way back in 1925 (!); good work, Mother Nature, you hag you source

12 Jan 2011 10:20


U.S.: So, how did NYC handle their latest snowstorm, anyway?

  • 5″-9″ number of inches of snow that fell in the NYC area last night; heavy, but not too heavy
  • 2,400+ sanitation workers were out using over 300 trucks to clear out snow – they were ready this time
  • no public schools didn’t close today, but they’ve only closed six times since 1978 source

10 Jan 2011 10:20


U.S.: Welcome to Atlanta: Snowy, icy city covered in snow and ice

Usually this highway is extremely busy on a Monday morning, but today … something about there being a crapload of snow or something. Mother nature hates Georgia. source

07 Jan 2011 10:27


U.S.: NYCers should expect more snow next week, just an FYI

  • We have to keep an eye on that, but the potential is there for another significant snowfall through Tuesday and Wednesday. The potential is there for 6 or more inches.
  • Meteorologist Brian Ciemnecki • Giving an estimate of the chances for more snow (starting today and going into next week) in the NYC area, which hasn’t finished digging out from the last storm yet. Because, let’s face it, New Yorkers haven’t suffered enough. source

31 Dec 2010 12:54


U.S.: Protip: Don’t drive your car in North Dakota today

We heard a rumor about there being a 100-car pile-up somewhere in this mess in North Dakota, but we can’t seem to make it out. Too much freaking snow. source

12 Dec 2010 11:33


U.S.: So, here’s what the Metrodome looks like right now (holy crap)

To emphasize: The Metrodome isn’t technically a dome anymore. It’s a platter. The dome is dead. There is no dome. It’s been lost in the snow. source