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01 Feb 2011 10:26


U.S.: Mother Nature hates Americans: Chicago gets snowy, NYC gets icy

  • number of feet of snow expected in the Chicago area this week
  • 0.3˝number of inches of ice –  ICE! – expected in NYC this week
  • 3,897 number of flights that have been cancelled so far source

19 Dec 2010 11:07


World: Travelers stuck in Europe, going crazy ’cause it’s almost Christmas

Proof that Mother Nature hates Europeans – it’s the weekend before Christmas, one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, and images like this one exist. Snow sucks. source

08 Aug 2010 20:46


World: There’s a really big piece of ice that fell off of Greenland

  • 260 the size of the chunk in square kilometers
  • 100 the size of the chunk in square miles; in other words, huge source

28 Dec 2009 22:13


Offbeat: Like lemmings, these cars hit an icy road and crash EVERYWHERE

  • Man, we sure like our tower. We can look at videos like this and just be happy we weren’t a party to any of this. Not a single car – even the parked ones, which probably got it worse – on this icy road went unscathed after it got so slick as to turn the road into a massive pinball game where the only winner is you, the viewer.

13 Nov 2009 18:35


U.S.: William Jefferson’s bribes lead him to time in the slammah!

  • 13 years on ice for his frozen money escapades source

28 Sep 2009 21:34


U.S., World: Stop, collaborate & listen. ICE is back with a $41M acquisition

Holy crap that’s a lot of money
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement just found a lot of money in a bunch of shipping containers in Mexico and Colombia. You know guys, if you just want to leave one of those containers in front of our apartment, we wouldn’t mind it. source

26 Aug 2009 21:56


Biz: Toyota just recalled a ton of cars with brake problems

  • 95,700 Toyota & Scion cars recalled source

26 Jul 2009 21:26


World: The phrase “change at a glacial pace” now means “change quickly”

The U.S. Geological Survey’s Global Fiducials Library has a pretty scary selection of glacier photos which show things melting at pretty scary rates. source

25 Mar 2009 22:30


U.S.: Fingers crossed. They may have unjammed the North Dakota flood.

  • Ice was gumming up the works. They blew it up. Explosives took out 500 feet of ice in the Missouri River just south of the flooding point, which may lessen the level of the could-be-record-breaking North Dakota flood. They’re not out of the woods yet, though, and 1,700 people have already been evacuated from low-lying areas. Did it work? “We are cautiously optimistic,” said Bismarck Mayor John Warford. source

02 Mar 2009 09:02


U.S.: OK, South. Now it’s the East’s turn to get snowed in.

Meh. We so don’t want to go outside this morning. source