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27 Dec 2010 08:47


U.S.: How much snow fell in New York yesterday? A freaking lot

  • 29 inches of snow fell in many parts of New York state on Sunday
  • 2,000 flights were canceled; Amtrak trains were also cancelled on Sunday
  • six states declared a state of emergency after the massive storm source

25 Dec 2010 21:02


U.S.: Gods of holiday travel converge on East Coast to ruin weekends

  • 16 inches of snow likely headed towards NYC tomorrow
  • one annoyed SFB staffer who may not be headed home tomorrow source
  • » Worst-case scenario: OK, OK, this storm hit the South first, so we can’t really complain that much, but at the same time, this storm could have a ripple effect on large swaths of the country. And it makes one regret taking an Amtrak up to Connecticut from D.C.

02 Sep 2010 21:07


U.S.: Hurricane Earl weakening, but still has some punch

  • good Hurricane Earl is slowly but surely weakening as it moves up the East Coast this weekend.
  • bad The storm will still be a fairly powerful Category 2 as it hits North Carolina tonight. source

31 Aug 2010 23:35


U.S.: Hurricane Earl leaning in the general direction of the Outer Banks

  • A small error of 100 miles in the wrong direction could be a huge impact difference. Even a minor shift back to the west could bring impacts to portions of the coastline from the mid-Atlantic northwards.
  • National Hurricane Center Director Bill Read • Discussing how bad Hurricane Earl could be for the East Coast. The hurricane on its current track is unlikely to hit the coast with its full force, but it’s probably going to nail the outlying islands of North Carolina and then go up the East Coast, heading towards Cape Cod and Maine by Friday night. Protip: Careful about planning a Labor Day Weekend trip to the Outer Banks. source

30 Aug 2010 09:50


U.S.: Category 3 Hurricane to U.S. East Coast: “My Name is Earl”

This bad boy, just short of being a major hurricane, could make a direct hit on North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras in a few days. source

31 Mar 2010 10:10


U.S.: Drill-down: Obama has big plans to drill oil out of the East Coast

  • what Obama wants to open up significant parts of the East Coast to oil drilling for the first time.
  • where Almost entirely in the southeast, between Delaware and Florida – about 167 million acres.
  • why Obama wants to win over moderates on a climate change bill and import less oil. source

26 Feb 2010 11:31


U.S.: To our snow-covered friends to the North, we hope your power’s on

  • 700k people without power due to the snow source

10 Feb 2010 21:33


05 Feb 2010 20:18


Offbeat, U.S.: Obama respects the snow that D.C.’s getting THIS TIME

  • Even a transplanted Hawaiian to Chicago has sufficient respect for a forecast of nearly two feet of snow.
  • White House press secretary Robert Gibbs • Regarding the snowpocalypse currently taking over D.C. Why does Gibbs have to say this? Simple. Obama was pissed last year, when schools would close after a light dusting. D.C. is a different beast than Chicago, sure, but the city has been known to overreact a little about snow. Obama was right to trash them a year ago, just like he’s right to stay quiet now.. In other news, the D.C. area might get thundersnow tonight. SNOWPOCALYPSE WHAT WHAT? source

05 Feb 2010 10:48


U.S.: The East Coast, D.C. in particular, is freaking out about snow

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