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18 Apr 2010 11:46


World: This fresh-faced Ugandan kid has way more power than you do

King Oyo, who just turned 18, is now on his own to lead Uganda’s Tooro kingdom. He’s been running it with advisers since his dad died in 1995 – when he was three. source

14 Apr 2010 20:23


U.S.: Blago beat: The dude apparently liked kickbacks or something

  • The prosecution in his corruption trial says so. What’s their case? Well, according to a court document released today, they argue that Rod Blagojevich and his staff had been involved in extortion and kickbacks since Blago first got elected Illinois governor in 2002. The Obama seat thang (Roland Burris has sure been quiet lately, eh?) was just the most blatant example. Blago (of course) denies the claims, calling them “the same old false allegations and lies.” His lawyers had been fighting the document’s release. source

26 Feb 2010 11:31


U.S.: To our snow-covered friends to the North, we hope your power’s on

  • 700k people without power due to the snow source

06 Feb 2010 12:22


U.S.: Snowpocalypse has left tons of people with their lights out

  • 200,000 people (not us) lack power source

01 Sep 2009 09:50


Tech: This is your brain on Tetris. Any questions?

Playing Tetris (and games in general) changes the composition of your brain and helps make you smarter. Which is awesome. source

19 Jul 2009 11:21


World: Still a major sticking point in Honduras: Zelaya’s return to power

One side will only agree to putting Jose Manuel Zelaya back in power. The other side will agree to anything but that. Ah, impasses. source

22 May 2009 11:30


U.S.: Brains tend to falter to dementia in old age

  • ≈40% of men who live to 95 suffer from dementia in their old age
  • ≈60% of women who live to 95 do too; 1 in 600 people make it to 95 source

22 Apr 2009 16:34


U.S., World: Cuba’s Fidel Castro is still kicking from the nursing home

  • When the president of Cuba said he was ready to discuss any topic with the U.S. president, he meant he was not afraid of addressing any issue. That shows his courage and confidence on the principles of the revolution.
  • Fidel Castro • On his brother Raul’s recent comments signaling an olive branch for talks between Cuba and the U.S. We’re assuming that Fidel is not actually speaking for his brother, but hallucinating about actually still having power in the communist nation. • source

15 Feb 2009 09:05


World: Today, Venezuelans decide if Hugo Chavez sticks around

  • Term limits? Who needs ‘em? Just to make sure everyone was awake, loud bugles woke up people in Venezuela reminding them that today, they vote on whether President Hugo Chavez can get term limits removed so he can stay in power for decades if he so chooses. People in the country are split on the vote. If Chavez loses, he could have to leave office in 2013. source

01 Feb 2009 14:29


U.S.: The ice storm has kept the lights off in Kentucky

  • 400,000 people are still without power source