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03 Jul 2010 11:01


World: Is Roza Otunbayeva Kyrgyzstan’s big shot at stability?

Otunbayeva, who was part of the coup a couple of months ago, was formally sworn in as president today. She’s the first female leader in the entire region. source

15 Jun 2010 10:37


World: Were the Kyrgyzstan riots orchestrated by the ousted leader?

  • It was a carefully planned operation conducted by the enemies of the interim government. The information available to our special services confirms that all of these measures were funded by the Bakiyev family, particularly his youngest son, Maksim Bakiyev.
  • Kyrgyzstan interim first deputy head Alzambek Atambayev • Claiming that the deadly riots were caused by the son of ousted leader, Kurmanbek S. Bakiyev. The arrest of Maksim Bakiyev in Britain today supports this theory. Atambayev also said that the interim leadership has had trouble handling the crisis, partly due to the fact that some police in the southern part of the country were still loyal to the old government. source

12 Jun 2010 11:33


World: Post-coup, Kyrgyzstan falls into another state of emergency

  • 65+ number of people killed in a spate of ethnic violence between Uzbek and Kyrgyz youths that bubbled over Thursday night
  • 500+ number of people hospitalized; a curfew has been set and Roza Otunbayeva has asked Russia for assistance source

14 May 2010 11:58


World: In Indonesia, a plot to kill Obama during a state visit was foiled

  • They had some very ambitious plans. Inspired by the Mumbai attacks a couple years ago, a group of Indonesian militants planned to trigger a number of attacks on Jakarta on August 17th, when Obama was planning to come to town for a state visit, in an attempted coup. The group, reportedly a splinter group of the al-Qaeda-tied Jemaah Islamiah group, was busted back in February during a raid. Wow. source

19 Apr 2010 11:12


World: Kyrgyzstan has a lot of lawlessness going on right now

Here’s the problem with coups. If you coup a country, the people of that country have to deal with guys with shovels who can take advantage of the anarchy. source

16 Apr 2010 11:41


World: Kyrgyzstan’s president gives into the pressure, formally resigns

Kurmanbek Bakiyev, looking dapper in that suit-no tie getup of his, left for Kazakhstan yesterday. His resignation calms a potential crisis. source

13 Apr 2010 21:42


World: Kyrgyzstan’s president willing to resign … conditionally

  • The situation is very tense. Taking the president by force is the last option for this government but they do not want Bakiyev or his closest sons and brothers to walk away from this.
  • Al Jazeera reporter Robin Forestier-Walker • Discussing the fate of ousted Kyrgyzstan president Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who has offered to conditionally resign. His conditions? Well: “First of all, they should guarantee that in Kyrgyzstan there are no more people walking around with weapons, and no seizures or redistribution of property … Also, I need to know that my own security and the security of members of my family and those close to me will be assured.” So, if you can offer all of this stuff to the president, he’ll quit. source

11 Apr 2010 10:24


World: Kyrgyzstan may arrest the old president for role in protester deaths

  • Because, hey, that seems reasonable. If you just took over a former Soviet Bloc country in a coup, would you let the old guy get away? That’s what interim leader Roza Otunbayeva is considering. She may charge ousted President Kurmanbek Bakiyev in the deaths of 81 people by soldiers loyal to him. She makes it clear, however, that her country does not want to do it by force. But others, however, may not be so gracious. “There are people who want revenge,” she says. “It’s a very sensitive situation. You must understand that we won’t be able guarantee his security ourselves.” source

29 Nov 2009 11:06


31 Oct 2009 11:00


World: Coup canceled? Manuel Zelaya might be Honduras’ leader again

The U.S. sealed the deal, again playing its solid diplomatic hand and got something done without a single military push. Hopefully it sticks. source