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16 Feb 2012 14:09


World: Many Honduran prisoners caught in fire weren’t charged or convicted

  • New revelations on Honduran prison fire: As we mentioned yesterday, the most lethal prison fire in the last century took place Tuesday in Honduras, at a prison in Comayagua. Since then some startling and grisly facts have come out, which speak to the sad state of legal affairs in Honduras, as well as to the staggering overcrowding and understaffing of their facilities – of the 800 or so inmates at Comayagua, 57% were being held without charge or were awaiting trial, most on suspicion of gang membership. During the fire, only six guards were on duty, just one of whom held the keys for every prison cell. source

15 Feb 2012 20:00


World: Prison fire in Honduras leads to terrible death toll

  • 359 inmates killed during a huge fire at a prison in Honduras source
  • » Crowded chaos: The fire started yesterday night at the prison in Comayagua, with authorities believing, by another prisoner’s report, that an inmate started the blaze by igniting their mattress. Honduras is a state plagued by high rates of crime (the United Nations says it has the world’s highest murder rate), which has caused its prisons to be absurdly overstuffed, and many are old and dilapidated. Angry relatives of the inmates gathered outside the prison this morning, protesting and at times trying to force their way in; police responded by firing tear gas. President Porfirio Lobo pledged to “take urgent measures to deal with this tragedy, which has plunged all Hondurans into mourning.”

29 Nov 2009 11:06


31 Oct 2009 11:00


World: Coup canceled? Manuel Zelaya might be Honduras’ leader again

The U.S. sealed the deal, again playing its solid diplomatic hand and got something done without a single military push. Hopefully it sticks. source

28 Sep 2009 21:09


World: What the heck happened in Honduras? Things are declining fast

  • Protests are heavy and seem to be getting worse thanks to outed president Manuel Zelaya’s presence. Zelaya’s getting criticized because he got back in, destabilizing everything. The interim government took out major media outlets to limit criticism and the free flow of information. And there was talk of taking away people’s civil liberties. To put it simply, the country’s completely gone down the tubes in three months. How did this happen? source

24 Jul 2009 21:33


World: Zelaya sure can’t stay away from Honduras, can he?

  • Weeks after being booted in a coup, Jose Manuel Zelaya returned to Honduras for 15 solid minutes, making a volatile situation even worse and being a bit cavalier. Fortunately, as he was crossing, he happened to have some cameras around him. source

19 Jul 2009 11:21


World: Still a major sticking point in Honduras: Zelaya’s return to power

One side will only agree to putting Jose Manuel Zelaya back in power. The other side will agree to anything but that. Ah, impasses. source

15 Jul 2009 21:28


World: Honduras’ interim prez: I’ll step down for anyone except Zelaya

  • He wants to calm down tensions in the country. Roberto Micheletti, the dude who got put into power in the wake of Jose Manuel Zelaya’s coup last month, is softening his hold on the throne … er, presidency. He says he’s “willing to leave office if at some point that decision is needed to bring peace and tranquility to the country, but without, I stress, the return of former President Zelaya.” That last part, of course, is key. Don’t want no elected leaders returning to office! source

06 Jul 2009 11:08


World: Manuel Zelaya didn’t get in Honduras yesterday, so he’ll try today

  • As you’ll see in this video, Jose Manuel Zelaya attempted to get in the country but instead found himself circling the bowl. Which isn’t really helping out the country’s volatility, by the way. source

05 Jul 2009 21:45


World: Manuel Zelaya can’t get his plane into the country anyway

  • The runway’s blocked. There’s no way I can land.
  • Honduran president Jose Manuel Zelaya • From a loudspeaker in Tegucigalpa, explaining that he won’t be landing in the country today. We have a feeling he might be playing a cat and mouse game with the transition government.. “If he pushes it, there will be 10,000 people on the runway to prevent him,” said Enrique Ortez, the current foreign minister. • source