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13 Jun 2010 10:40


World: Ethnic violence in Kyrgyzstan gets really, really bad, guys

  • 75,000 Uzbek refugees fled Kyrgyzstan source
  • » Editor’s note: As longtime readers know, we go to great lengths to avoid AP stories, but we’re breaking the picket line for this one. Apologies in advance.

12 Jun 2010 11:33


World: Post-coup, Kyrgyzstan falls into another state of emergency

  • 65+ number of people killed in a spate of ethnic violence between Uzbek and Kyrgyz youths that bubbled over Thursday night
  • 500+ number of people hospitalized; a curfew has been set and Roza Otunbayeva has asked Russia for assistance source

08 Mar 2010 10:58


World: How bad is the ethnic violence in Nigeria, anyway? It depends

  • 300+ the death toll counted by the Nigerian government other counts vary
  • 492 the death toll counted by Nigeria’s Civil Rights Congress
  • 250 the number counted by Nigeria’s League of Human Rights source