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16 Apr 2011 20:58


World: Wow: Fidel Castro’s brother Raul suggests term limits for Cuba

  • two the number of terms — five years each — Raul Castro just suggested Cuba limit its elected officials to
  • 47 the number of years his brother Fidel led the communist nation for; which explains why this is a surprise source
  • » A rare meeting: Raul made the suggestion at a meeting of the Communist Party Congress — the first get-together of the organization in 14 years. Raul said the country needed the changes to encourage a “systematic rejuvenation of the whole chain of party and administrative posts.” Let’s face it, Raul Castro (the 79-year-old younger brother) isn’t going to live forever. No word on what his brother thinks of this.

26 Nov 2010 08:34


World: Vladimir Putin may run for Russian president again in 2012

  • We will look at the conditions in society, in the economy and at the political situation and will take an agreed decision in the interests of the country.
  • Russian Prime Minister (and bizarro Obama) Vladimir Putin • On his plans for 2012. Putin, who was term-limited, let his successor Dmitry Medvedev run in his place in 2008, but might want the job back come two years from now. Anything to keep this man famous. We don’t care if he wins. Make sure he remains famous. source

25 Oct 2010 22:28


Politics: Three-term Mayor favors two-term limit

  • thenIn 2008, two-term New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg convinced the City Council to change the city’s law and allow him run for a third term.
  • now After winning a third term, Bloomberg will be voting this November to reinstate a two-term limit for NYC mayors. source

28 Jun 2009 11:20


World: Honduras’ president, Jose Manuel Zelaya, just got couped today

He tried to put a referendum on a second referendum to allow for re-election of presidents. Instead, he got arrested by the military. source

16 Feb 2009 01:07


World: Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is pretty darn happy right now

  • Today we opened wide the gates of the future. In 2012 there will be presidential elections, and unless God decides otherwise, unless the people decide otherwise, this soldier is already a candidate.
  • Hugo Chavez • President of Venezuela, on winning the referendum that removed term limits, allowing him to run as much as he wants to, until he gets sick of playing president. • source

15 Feb 2009 09:05


World: Today, Venezuelans decide if Hugo Chavez sticks around

  • Term limits? Who needs ‘em? Just to make sure everyone was awake, loud bugles woke up people in Venezuela reminding them that today, they vote on whether President Hugo Chavez can get term limits removed so he can stay in power for decades if he so chooses. People in the country are split on the vote. If Chavez loses, he could have to leave office in 2013. source