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17 May 2011 10:54


World: Queen Elizabeth finally visits Ireland, because really, why not?

It’s the first visit by a reigning British monarch since Ireland first went independent in 1922. There have been two bomb threats already. She’s 85 — might as well get this visit in now. source

12 Jun 2010 13:30


Politics: Is Obama’s real problem that he doesn’t have a king to help out?

  • Wait, wait, hear us out. Our boy Nicholas Kristof threw this idea by us. Essentially, Obama’s problem is that he can’t focus on getting stuff done the way David Cameron can because he has to spend all his time worrying about public appearances and traveling the world. He’s had to delay his trip to Indonesia and Australia twice because of the oil spill, which he’s getting crapped on about anyway, because he’s focused on the nitty-gritty rather than the showy. Germany has a president who just makes public appearances; Japan’s emperor does the same thing. Why does the U.S. need one guy to shoulder the whole job? It’s a tough job. source

18 Apr 2010 11:46


World: This fresh-faced Ugandan kid has way more power than you do

King Oyo, who just turned 18, is now on his own to lead Uganda’s Tooro kingdom. He’s been running it with advisers since his dad died in 1995 – when he was three. source