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07 Feb 2011 22:33


U.S.: The downside of placing a moratorium on deepwater drilling

  • 8,000 jobs lost due to recent oil drilling restrictions source

22 Jun 2010 20:45


U.S.: Judge in drilling moratorium case may not be impartial, guys

  • yes Judge Martin Feldman decided against the federal government in the drilling moratorium case.
  • yes Feldman happens to own stock in as many as five major offshore drilling companies. source

08 Jun 2010 03:12


U.S.: Gulf oil spill: Obama plans to reopen offshore drilling soon

  • The blocking off of drilling affected thousands of Gulf Coast jobs. As bad as the oil spill is, the side effect of stopping offshore drilling to get regulators back in lockstep was nearly as damaging for the region’s economy. When the new regulations are put into place as soon as Tuesday, expect new rules on shallow water oil and gas drilling. Also, the White House is considering canning the liability cap on oil spills, because, well, hey, BP can afford to pay for the mess. source

24 Apr 2010 22:56


Biz, U.S.: That offshore oil well under the sunken rig is leaking black stuff

  • 5,000
    the distance the well is leaking below the surface
  • 1,000 barrels the amount of oil being lost each day; no, not the oil! source

31 Mar 2010 10:10


U.S.: Drill-down: Obama has big plans to drill oil out of the East Coast

  • what Obama wants to open up significant parts of the East Coast to oil drilling for the first time.
  • where Almost entirely in the southeast, between Delaware and Florida – about 167 million acres.
  • why Obama wants to win over moderates on a climate change bill and import less oil. source

12 Feb 2010 09:57


Music: WTF: Cash Money Records gets in the oil-drilling business

  • He has to keep busy while Lil’ Wayne’s in jail, right? Word on the street is that Birdman, a.k.a. Bryan Williams, is getting in the oil business with his brother and Cash Money Records co-founder Ronald “Slim” Williams. They have a Web site and everything. It’s called Bronald Oil & Gas. Wonder how they came up with the name. source