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18 Aug 2009 10:21


Sports: The Washington Nationals actually signed their big prospect!

  • $15.1 million to have Stephen Strasburg lob fastballs source

30 May 2009 14:59


Sports: UNC’s Tyler Hansbrough to haters: Screw you, I’m still hot

  • I’m not worried about it. It’s just a bunch of people saying whatever they want. I think I’ll prove a lot of people wrong.
  • North Carolina superstar and future NBA draft pick Tyler Hansbrough • On his chances of replicating his success at UNC in the NBA. Hansbrough, the 2008 Naismith and Wooden awards winner, thinks that his style of play might actually be better-suited to the NBA due to the fact that there’s more one-on-one defending, while in college he “had three people guarding me for the past three years.” • source

19 May 2009 21:30


Sports: The NBA draft lottery came up roses for the L.A. Clippers

  • 1st The Clippers get a shot at force of nature Blake Griffin. Lucky bastards.
  • 2nd Are there even Grizzly bears in Memphis? We want to know, dang it.
  • 3rd Oklahoma City gets a chance to build a legacy with this spiffy pick.
  • 4th Despite having a 25% chance at the top pick, Sacramento fell here. That sucks.
  • 5th The Washington Wizards, sucky record and all, fell down here. Oof. source

26 Apr 2009 09:33


Sports: Matthew Stafford says he’s ready to save the sucky Lions

  • I think I’m prepared. I’ve been through a lot in my football career. Obviously in college you win more football games than you do in the NFL and you don’t lose as many. Every guy has to adjust to that coming out of college to the pros, but I feel I’m ready for the challenge.
  • Quarterback Matthew Stafford • The Detroit Lions’ top pick in the NFL draft yesterday, on the immense amount of pressure he faces as the guy that everyone’s going to be looking at for answers. The Lions spent enough on the former Georgia star that fans will expect answers, or at least a better-than-winless season out of a historically bad team. • source

25 Apr 2009 23:15


Sports: Synopsis of the NFL’s draft day: Rife with surprises.

  • obvious The Detroit Lions, sucky new logo and all, getting Georgia QB Matthew Stafford with the first pick? Duh.
  • rise USC’s Mark Sanchez, fresh off a killer Rose Bowl, going to the Jets after a trade? Nobody saw that coming.
  • fall Wide receiver Michael Crabtree, falling all the way to 10th, into the 49ers’ arms? Totally unexpected. source

25 Apr 2009 01:53


Sports: So the Detroit Lions just bet the bank on an unproven rookie. Whoo!

  • $78 million The contract that the Detroit Lions are offering top pick Matthew Stafford
  • $41.7 million The guaranteed amount Stafford gets, breaking a still-fresh NFL record source

15 Jan 2009 13:05


Sports: Who nees the draft? Sam Bradford’s coming back to Oklahoma

  • Not without a BCS championship. Bradford, the third-year sophomore and this year’s Heisman Trophy winner, always dreamed of playing for Oklahoma and wants to win a national championship with the team. Bradford had a killer season in 2008, with a nation-leading 50 TD passes and a 180.8 quarterback rating. He would’ve been a high first-rounder for sure had he gone.
  • Heisman’s top trio stays put. Along with Bradford, Florida’s Tim Tebow and Texas’ Colt McCoy – all three of them quarterbacks – will remain at school at least one more season. It’s the first time the top three Heisman vote-getters didn’t go pro after the season was over. USC’s Mark Sanchez, who rocked the Rose Bowl this year, is likely draft-bound, however. source