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06 Jan 2012 10:06


U.S.: Ohio earthquakes may be man-made byproduct of “fracking”

  • These earthquakes were sitting there waiting to happen. We have triggered these earthquakes.
  • Seismologist John Armbruster • Discussing the recent string of earthquakes in Ohio. If you live in that state, you might have noticed up to a dozen small earthquakes since last spring. There hasn’t been a measured earthquake in the area ever until last March. Apparently, the disposing of waste water into the ground (during a energy-releasing process called “fracking”) may have flowed into an earthquake fault line. This same problem has happened in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. In Arkansas alone, 1,000 mini-quakes were measured. source

31 Aug 2011 22:52


U.S.: Texas, Oklahoma wildfires damage buildings, force evacuations

  • The ground is so dry, because of the drought, that one welding spark or a cigarette tossed could easily ignite a fire.
  • Jesse Moore, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Fort Worth, Texas • Commenting on how easy it is to start wildfire. Texas is seeing one of the worst fire seasons on record, including the devastating fires earlier this year in April. The fires started on Tuesday; as of Wednesday night, the wildfires have damaged 39 homes and buildings over 6,200 acres of land. These wildfires are also threatening cities in Oklahoma. Authorities have asked local residents to evacuate, so stay safe, guys. source

29 Dec 2010 23:08


Offbeat: Protip: Don’t use gun when acting out sexual fantasies, guys

  • stupid Arthur Sedille, 23, liked to play a sexual fantasy game with his wife (Rebecca Sedille, 50) that involved putting a gun to her head. Yes, this sounds misguided, guys.
  • idiotic One day, the gun went off, and that was that. Now our boy Arthur Sedille could face murder charges for perhaps the worst idea in the history of ever. source

28 Jul 2010 09:42


Offbeat: Protip to Oklahomans: Do not vote for this girl’s father.

  • Dear dad, perhaps you should have done better? A daughter with a bone to pick put up a Web site about her wannabe judge father, who she says “is not a good father, a good grandfather, and” … screw it, you can read what it says on the rest of her newspaper ad over to the left. Let’s just say that the bad blood flows deep in the Mantooth family. source

10 May 2010 20:59


U.S.: People who live in Norman, Oklahoma had a pretty crappy day

Stupid twisters. The tornadoes touched down throughout Oklahoma today, but Norman (outside of Oklahoma City) got it the worst. source

22 Dec 2009 09:33


Politics: Our biggest Xmas wish: That the health care debate remain civil

  • Sen. Tom Coburn was crazy for suggesting this. Essentially, on the day of the initial Senate late-night vote, Coburn pulled out this giant sign and said that he prayed someone wouldn’t be able to make it for the vote (some have speculated super-old guy Robert Byrd, who shouldn’t be out at 1 in the morning). Which doesn’t seem very Christian of him. And as we’ve said all along, we don’t like the tone of this debate, and when things like this happen, we like it even less. Play fair, guys. This is just wrong.

18 Dec 2009 09:17


U.S.: Oklahoma could start treating abortions like sex offenders

  • Because shaming people out of getting abortions is really the right way to go. A court case will be the deciding factor in creating a law in Oklahoma that will put information about abortions in an online database on a Web site. While names won’t be named, those who plan to get the abortions would have to fill out a lengthy questionnaire which asks them why they’re getting the abortions. Some fear that the questions will be detailed enough that they could identify the mothers. State Sen. Todd Lamb is the guy behind this overly invasive legislative crapfest. source

28 Sep 2009 01:25


Politics: Maybe the pollsters, not the Oklahoma students, are the idiots

  • The methodology’s getting questioned on a recent poll we ran. A week or two ago, we covered this poll about stupid Oklahoma students by Strategic Media, mostly for purposes of making a silly joke. Now we feel we must follow up. Really entertaining poll-obsessed blog FiveThirtyEight has a takedown of both the poll and Strategic Media in general which raises a lot of questions. Thank God Oklahoma students may not be so stupid. We’ll keep an eye on this. source

06 Sep 2009 11:09


Sports: Sam Bradford’s Heisman repeat hopes may be out with his shoulder

  • Not a good early-season injury to have. As first games go, it’s not nearly as devastating as Tom Brady completely obliterating his knee, but the Oklahoma Sooners definitely felt the loss of defending Heisman winner Sam Bradford. The quarterback suffered a acromioclavicular joint sprain in his throwing shoulder during yesterday’s game against BYU. And the No. 3 Sooners responded by blowing the game, 14-13. Yeah, they’re not going to be No. 3 next week. source

20 Jun 2009 13:36


U.S.: Remember the Oklahoma EMT/cop drama? Well, here’s a follow-up

  • And even after being informed that we had a patient, there was total disregard. So he started in a state of rage and simply escalated from that point.
  • Maurice White Jr. • A paramedic involved in a YouTube-captured altercation with an Oklahoma state trooper. The trooper, Daniel Martin, believed that one of the EMTs in the ambulance flipped off the officer and flipped out on White, who noted immediately that there was a patient in the vehicle. White wants to see the trooper fired for his conduct. • source