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24 Aug 2010 10:26


Offbeat: Question of the day: Why are there slices of brains in these jars?

You want to click on the link. You know you do. It’s too tempting. Click it. Click … it. You want to know why these brains are in jars. Click it. source

21 Jan 2010 23:24


Offbeat: This is the stupidest dog we know. She’s basically an idiot.

The Afghan Hound is the stupidest dog of all, a top canine researcher says. The smartest? The border collie. (FYI: Lassie is a collie, but not a border collie.) source

29 Jan 2009 17:41


Offbeat: Hackers warn motorists of a zombie uprising in Texas

Either that, or a George Romero film is shooting up ahead. source