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22 Apr 2010 11:13


U.S.: Protip: Don’t take a tribe’s DNA and do all willy-nilly with it

  • ethical Arizona State University takes DNA from the Havasupai Indians to help with research into high rates of diabetes for the tribe.
  • unethcial The school uses the DNA for many other unrelated studies, and now the school is paying the tribe lots of money. source

04 Mar 2009 09:57


Offbeat: Don’t tell Nadya Suleman about this designer fertility clinic

  • Your baby, as you want it. LA Fertility Institutes wants to help you design the perfect designer baby. The clinic allows you to specify what your baby looks like – you pick the hair and eye color, wait nine months, and all of a sudden, a new accessory for your pink stroller pops out! If this sounds a little wrong and creepy, it’s because it kind of is. source