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05 Dec 2009 17:10


Tech: Would you pay a boatload for a super-awesome Twitter app?

  • CoTweet The app, aimed specifically at corporate users, plans to charge $1,500 a MONTH for their enterprise features.
  • HootSuite The app (which we use and just added Facebook pages – thank you!) plans to charge too, but not nearly that much. source

21 Oct 2009 10:23


Offbeat: The music industry has nothing better to to than fine singing ladies

This woman, who we’re sure has a wonderful voice, was told by Britain’s Performing Rights Society that she could be fined for singing at work. They’ve since apologized. source

02 Aug 2009 02:43


Biz, Tech: Nissan: Your car has low emissions? Well OUR car has none!

The Nissan Leaf, the company’s first all-electric car, goes 160 km on a charge, goes as fast as 140 km and will use a lithium-ion battery pack. source

10 Apr 2009 21:41


Tech: That Tesla Roadster electric car can go the distance

  • 241 miles on a single charge, average speed 28mph source

24 Feb 2009 01:08


Biz, U.S.: Dear Associated Press: This is a reeeeeallly stupid idea

  • Can I imagine content going behind a pay wall? Absolutely. And, yes, we are in conversations about that.
  • Tom Curley • The short-sighted, probably fat CEO of Associated Press who doesn’t see the big picture and wants to start charging for content. Good God, if the industry is thinking like this, maybe Marc Andreessen is onto something. • source

09 Feb 2009 10:09


Biz, Tech: Microsoft: People don’t use many apps, so we’ll charge more!

  • 2 number of Windows apps MS claims the average person uses source