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08 Oct 2010 15:11


Tech, World: Thanks, Libya: links could become a of the

  • standing out, A popular way to make your name stand out nowadays is to have the domain end in .ly, something hugely popular Twitter-centric services such as and Hootsuite (though its and services) have taken advantage of. The two-letter length also helps. Oh yeah, Mitt Romney uses it for his domain.
  • for themPerhaps this wasn’t thought through all the way, because the .ly domain is owned by Libya, a country not exactly known for its sparkling human rights record. And the country is upset about all the NSFW links that get shared on the services, putting entire business models in danger. Uh-oh. source

03 Apr 2010 15:34


Tech: Dear HootSuite: Where did you jerks go? Your app is broken.

  • We’re not geniuses, but it’s unacceptable when a Twitter app that many corporations and users (including us) rely on is down for twelve hours. HootSuite appears to have been down since last night. Our question: Hacking spree? Bots? Long weekend? Fire at headquarters? We deserve an explanation, guys. source
  • Update: App’s up again, but our complaints are still valid. It’s just bad form for a Twitter client to be offline for that many hours.

05 Dec 2009 17:10


Tech: Would you pay a boatload for a super-awesome Twitter app?

  • CoTweet The app, aimed specifically at corporate users, plans to charge $1,500 a MONTH for their enterprise features.
  • HootSuite The app (which we use and just added Facebook pages – thank you!) plans to charge too, but not nearly that much. source