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28 Jul 2010 22:30


Culture: Are receipts toxic? Might want to check their BPA levels

BPA (or Bisphenol A), a known toxin that’s common in plastics, was found in most receipts tested in a study by the Environmental Working Group. source

31 Dec 2009 16:27


Culture: Obama gets movie theater to himself to see “Avatar”

  • Talk about killer PR for James Cameron and crew. The First Family went to go see Avatar today, which has made $268 million already in box-office receipts in less than three weeks. But so as not to disrupt filmgoers surprised by the sight of the president, they got their own screen in Honolulu to watch it on. The president gets some pretty sweet treatment, guys. souce

30 Nov 2009 09:57


Culture: “New Moon” has surprisingly strong competition in “The Blind Side”

  • $40.1 million the amount Sandra Bullock’s latest made in its second week – just behind “New Moon”
  • 17% increase the boost in box-office receipts it saw between week one and week two source