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04 Jul 2010 17:59


Culture: “Twilight: Eclipse” lures fewer teenage girls than “New Moon”

  • $165M the amount “Twilight: New Moon” took in its first five days
  • $173M the amount studio heads expected “Twilight Eclipse” to get
  • $162M the amount the film earned at the box office instead (tiny violin) source

01 Jul 2010 10:43


Culture: “Eclipse” eclipsed the last “Twilight” movie’s midnight showings

  • $30 million in early box office for the latest vampire tale source

18 Dec 2009 16:11


Culture: Based on midnight showings, “Avatar” is no “New Moon”

  • $3.54 million “Avatar”‘s midnight box-office total last night; a modest sum, BTW
  • $26.3 million “New Moon”‘s midnight box-office sum; it holds the record source

30 Nov 2009 09:57


Culture: “New Moon” has surprisingly strong competition in “The Blind Side”

  • $40.1 million the amount Sandra Bullock’s latest made in its second week – just behind “New Moon”
  • 17% increase the boost in box-office receipts it saw between week one and week two source

22 Nov 2009 12:11


Culture: “New Moon” is about to kick some “Twilight” box office @$$

  • $140.7 million “Twilight: New Moon”‘s weekend box-office take – the third highest opening weekend ever and significantly above expectations
  • $193 million The original “Twilight”‘s entire box office take – a total “New Moon” should break by complete accident at this point source

21 Nov 2009 11:19


Culture: New Moon’s record day: A bunch of vampires look pretty self-satisfied

$26.3 million in midnight showings alone. Over $70 million in first day sales anticipated. Both records. Is there anything this movie can’t do to annoy us? source

20 Nov 2009 21:49


Culture: The “Twilight: New Moon” juggernaut is living up to its hype

  • $67.2 million the amount that “The Dark Knight” made at the box office on its first day – a record
  • $70 million the amount that “New Moon” is on track to make today after a wave of superhype source

19 Nov 2009 11:14


Culture: Daily poll: The forthcoming release of “Twilight: New Moon”

  • As usual, ShortFormBlog has stuck behind its policy of only lightly covering pop culture phenomena that have become unstoppable juggernauts (unless it’s Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin – because the we can make fun). But today, a tinge of remorse hit our hearts over our utter lack of coverage of “New Moon,” which stands to make gobs and gobs of money tomorrow. Are you excited? Annoyed? Let us know. Vote above.