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16 Nov 2011 01:37


Politics: USDA’s healthy school lunches turn into starchy, tomato-ey mess

  • Pizza can continue to be the meal of choice: In a bit of a setback for the Obama administration, the USDA’s efforts to push for schools to provide healthier lunches ran into a wall of starchy special interests after members of Congress, in coordination with the food industry, added an unhealthy amendment to a spending bill. The amendment limits how much the government can regulate starchy vegetables like potatoes, as well as tomato paste (the fundamental ingredient of pizza), in school lunches. Why? Congress says it’ll be more expensive, due in part to vegetable prices. If the spending bill passes, we can blame kids’ unhealthy lunches on Congress. We love pizza too, but really now. (photo via USDA’s Flickr page) source

01 Nov 2011 22:06


Politics: Cain’s accuser received one years’ pay in exchange for silence

  • $35k paid by the NRA to one of Cain’s accusers source
  • » That’s the National Restaurant Association, by the way, not the National Rifle Association. The amount was one years’ worth of pay for the woman in question (who, you’ll recall, is one of two women who received severance agreements from the NRA in exchange for silence regarding sexual harassment claims against Cain).

17 Oct 2011 23:28


Politics: Herman Cain takes a stroll towards becoming president

  • He’s not running for president; he’s sort of strolling for president.
  • George F. Will • On Herman Cain. If Cain is strolling for president, Newt Gingrich is crawling for president. source

04 Oct 2011 20:42


Politics: Suddenly surging in the polls: Herman Cain. Herman Cain?!

  • He’s tied with Mitt Romney for first in one poll and ahead of Rick Perry in another. Months ago, Herman Cain‘s presidential campaign seemed like something of an underdog, with many people unaware of the former pizza chain executive. Now, with multiple straw-poll wins under his belt, the non-politician is within shouting distance of the lead. RealClearPolitics has him in third place, but if you take out the two oldest polls listed, he rises to second, ahead of Rick Perry, thanks in part to consistent poll numbers and Perry’s own faltering of late. Cain’s worth watching, suddenly. Wow. (photo via Gage Skidmore) source

19 Apr 2011 17:23


Culture: About time: Papa John’s unveils their royal wedding pizza

  • The Royal Pizza: Ubiquitous pizza chain Papa John’s enlisted the aid of a food artist to create this topping-heavy monstrosity ahead of Britain’s royal wedding. We’d love to get one of these, freeze it in a lock box somewhere, and see how much value it accrues over the next few decades. After all, people seem to love royal family memorabilia, and pizza, so it’s a slam dunk. (In other related news, we friggin’ love the URL on this story. Actually, go here.) source

04 Jan 2011 22:42


Politics: Antonin Scalia: Hates deep-dish, likes helping the Tea Party

  • On the plus side, nobody’s talking about Ginni Thomas anymore. So, Michele Bachmann has convinced our boy Antonin Scalia to have a fireside chat with incoming GOP members of Congress to remind them of the finer points of the constitution. Now, obviously, this is kind of a bad idea because it makes Scalia look like he’s in bed with the Tea Party and conservatives in Congress. But, who cares? This is the guy who’s so traditionalist that he complains about pizza that isn’t made New York-style. Sure, it’s bad judgment, but he doesn’t like deep dish pizza, so his judgment is worthless anyway. (photo by Stephen Masker) source

14 Nov 2010 11:44


Offbeat: Bad news: Kobayashi can’t beat Guinness pizza-eating record

  • Is the mighty one falling?: A few months after Kobayashi created a depressing scene at Nathan’s Fourth of July hot-dog-eating contest – a contest he routinely owned for years – competitive eating’s greatest, uh, “athlete” had another embarrassing incident last night, after he failed at a pizza-eating record attempt in New York City. In his defense, the Guinness rules he was working against were kinda strict (pizza is made to be eaten with hands in most cases, not knife and fork), but the result left a champion looking a little like a loser. Poor guy. source

23 Sep 2010 20:34


26 May 2010 10:37


Biz: Domino’s Pizza improves their pizza, then their quarterly sales

  • +14.3% the increase in Domino’s
    quarterly sales after starting a
    campaign to improve
    its pizza from the bottom up
    with better ingredients
  • -3% the decline of the pizza-delivery industry in general, due to the recession; this article uses the phrase “vastly improved frozen-pizza technologies” source

14 Feb 2010 21:39


Biz: Papa John’s hearts look more like circles with the tops cut off

  • Happy Valentine’s Day, pizza fan! Perhaps your great idea of getting a heart-shaped pizza in lieu of flowers or candy sounded good, but as proven by these photos of a “heart-shaped” pizza, it was perhaps misguided. Who loves you? Not Papa John’s. source