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Posted on October 21, 2011 | tags


Culture: Bad ideas: Five things parents probably shouldn’t do with their kids

  • We figure some of our readers have to have kids at this point, right? Have a young child that you’re looking to take care of? Making some stupid mistakes along the way, without realizing it? CNN’s got you covered — they threw together this list of ways to ensure your children are safe — a bunch of stuff that most parents normally tend to do without thinking about it. Do you catch yourself doing any of this?
  • one Moving their kid to a bigger car seat too soon. Not so fast, pediatricians say. Fish gotta swim, kids gotta grow.
  • two Letting their baby sleep in a swing. Though the motion lulls them asleep, they may not get enough oxygen in that position.
  • three Making them watch educational videos. Babies under two years old can’t even understand them at all yet.
  • four Putting the babies on their stomachs when sleeping — a SIDS rick. Just give them “tummy time” during the day instead.
  • five Microwaving their babies’ bottles. The bottles may be made with BPA — or could get too hot to handle. Yikes. source