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04 Mar 2011 01:46


Offbeat: “Heart Attack Grill” ironically loses spokesperson to “mild death”

  • Protip to all greasy burger joints: If you want to promote your product, you probably shouldn’t use an incredibly fat guy to satirically promote a “diet” designed around gluttonous pursuits, and then suggest that said diet might lead to “mild death.” Which is why we’re writing about our boy Blair River right now. Yes, he died. It was sad. He was only 29. While it’s rumored it was because of flu/pneumonia symptoms, everyone is going to think his weight – 575 pounds on a 6-foot-8 frame – had something to do with it, even if it didn’t. Which, as an end effect, may lead the Heart Attack Grill to lose a few customers. To put it lightly. (thanks nhaler) source

10 Jan 2011 21:01


Biz, Music: Irony: 50 Cent makes penny stock move using influence alone

  • 29¢ increase in a penny stock that Fitty recommended on Twitter
  • 240% the increase in the value of HNHI, a firm that sells headphones
  • $50M the increase in the value of the stock based on Fitty’s tweets alone
  • $10M the amount 50 Cent  made off his 3.8 million followers source
  • » Yeah yeah, we know the irony: A guy named after pocket change just used his power to give a penny stock a boost. And the best part? It’s entirely possible the stock (currently at 39 cents) will reach 50 cents tomorrow. See, when 50 Cent sells out his name, he doesn’t sell it out to make a quick buck on advertising. He sells it out to make a quick buck. Period.

20 Dec 2010 10:08



  • I do not know who has given these documents to the media, but the purpose can only be one thing – trying to make Julian look bad.
  • Julian Assange’s Swedish Lawyer, Bjorn Hurtig • Offering up the most ironic complaint ever, that the leak of material in Julian Assange’s sex case makes Assange look bad. OHHHHHHHHHH so it’s OK as long as it doesn’t involve Julian Assange. Let’s bask in the glow of this for a second and remind you guys of this site, with its phallic logo and possible improvement over the Wikileaks model.  source

20 Oct 2010 12:48


Politics: Irony: “Rent is Too Damn High” partier has pretty decent rent

  • $800 the amount in rent Jimmy McMillan pays each month
  • five the number of years since he’s had a rent increase source
  • » In his defense: Before you all jump on the new meme, keep in mind that he’s not talking about himself, but all the other people in NYC with really expensive rents. His campaign got a boost from Monday’s New York gubernatorial debate, by the way. “I got a flood of campaign contributions. PayPal, PayPal, PayPal,” he claimed.

24 Sep 2010 15:48


Tech: NBC’s Jeff Zucker contradicts himself on Apple TV and Netflix

  • wednesday NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker is worried about “devaluing” his network’s content, so he doesn’t want to allow 99-cent rentals on the refreshed Apple TV.
  • friday NBC announces a deal to put many of their popular shows on Netflix’s streaming service, which Apple TV includes. Oh, and that Zucker’s out. source

06 Sep 2010 10:36


U.S.: Al Gore’s luck: There’s always an inconvenient truth, isn’t there?

  • good Al Gore had his own L.A. school named after him – a first for a vice president. He shares the honor with Rachel Carson, another well-known environmentalist.
  • bad Too bad the school was built on toxic soil that a bunch of workers had to spend Labor Day weekend attempting to replace. That’s one way to honor his name. source

04 Jun 2010 14:49


Offbeat: We don’t believe this dude’s shirt for some reason

  • We may not be giving this guy enough credit, but after he and his sons got arrested for getting in a fight with some dude over RELIGION (in that shirt!!!!), something tells us our first instincts are the right ones. source

18 May 2010 12:05


Politics: Shudder: Mark Souder and his alleged mistress discuss abstinence

  • There always seems to be a tendency among some political types to drag family-values types awash in scandal through the mud. We don’t necessarily agree with that, but we have to note that the irony with this video is strong. source

26 Mar 2010 15:49


Offbeat: Prison crasher gets exactly what he wanted out of deal

  • 15 years in prison for breaking
    into a prison source

02 Mar 2010 20:26


Tech: Don’t hit the F1 key: Irony hits unpatched Windows XP computers

  • Press this key and your computer will blow up, Microsoft says. You gotta love the hilarious sense of humor that malware-makers have. People who use Internet Explorer in Windows XP should avoid pressing this key for the time being because a zero-day exploit can severely damage your computer if you use the help function. Well, that’s not very helpful! source