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02 Jun 2011 14:59


U.S.: FBI investigating China for hacking job

  • cause Hackers went after Gmail, but didn’t compromise many accounts. However, some of the hacked accounts belong to some pretty high-ranking officials here in the U.S. Google claims that the hack originated in China, and the accounts have since been secured.
  • effect The FBI is investigating the hacking, which the Chinese government is saying that they had nothing to do with. However, Google believes the attack originated from the same city as one that targeted U.S. companies last year, including Google. source

18 May 2011 12:43


Tech: Sony’s PlayStation Network troubles aren’t over yet

  • PSN hacked again…kind of. PlayStation Network was down again today, but not for the familiar reason of widespread hacks. A newly discovered exploit allows people to change account passwords armed with nothing but an email address associated with the account and the owner’s date of birth — both of which hackers obtained in the larger exploit earlier this month. Gaming discovered the newest flaw and contacted Sony about the problem. The network then went down again, apparently so Sony could fix it before it got out of hand. It’s important to know that the network wasn’t actually hacked again — hackers stole no new information, but instead discovered a new exploit that’s now being fixed. Sony is going to have a rough time recovering from all of this. source

12 Dec 2010 21:11


Tech: Hackers: Gawker used very outdated form of password encryption

  • yeah … Gawker staffer Scott Kidder claimed that users’ passwords should be safe from hacking. “Passwords are encrypted anyway,” he says, “so stealing passwords isn’t even possible.”
  • … but A document from the hackers in their bittorrent explains that the passwords used a very outdated form of encryption that only protected the first eight characters. Yikes. Freaking yikes. source

21 Sep 2010 10:01


Tech: Don’t Mouseover! Twitter nailed by nasty security exploit

  • Protip: Avoid using the Web client for Twitter for a little while. A big bug has managed to bring Twitter to its knees using the onMouseOver Javascript function, meaning it works by simply tapping your mouse over it by accident. Twitter is on the case and the exploit should be patched soon. Still, though. … Yikes. source

01 Aug 2010 20:35


Tech: JailbreakMe makes it possible to jailbreak your iPhone by accident

  • So, we bet you want to jailbreak your iPhone 4. Well, JailbreakMe has you covered. Using your iPhone, go to this here site. (If that site’s not working, check out this one. Oh, and read more here.) If you’re not using an iPhone, it won’t do anything, but on your iPhone, it’ll jailbreak it – using the cloud. This. Is. A. Big. Deal. Apple can’t be happy about this. This makes “stupidly easy” seem like a major understatement. (Warning, though: There are some issues with FaceTime and MMS for you iPhone 4 kiddies, so be careful. Oh, and trust us when we say DON’T DO THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!) source

04 Jul 2010 18:09


Tech: Thoughts on Flash: We’d like to jailbreak our iPads to use this

  • Need a reason to jailbreak your iPad? This seems like a pretty big one. That’s right, Comex, one of the main guys in the jailbreaking scene, has figured out how to make your iPad work with Flash, essentially taking the Android version of Flash and creating a compatibility layer for it. It doesn’t support video on that (that’s hard) or support keyboards (that’s easy), but we’re guessing that this could make Jobs’ whole “Thoughts on Flash” spiel sound a little stupid if it actually happens (and it works well). source

10 Jun 2010 23:41


Tech: One of the neckbeards behind Goatse Security speaks up

  • It’s pretty egregious that AT&T would have it for such a device that probably has known exploit candidates (attack code) on, say, the Russian (underground) markets.
  • Escher “Weev” Auernheimer of Goatse Security • Talking about how his group uncovered a major flaw with AT&T’s security mechanism, which led to Gawker posting about the results. Why did they go to Gawker and not AT&T? “We did want not engage directly with AT&T in case they tried to serve us (an injunction) or something,” he said. How did they do it? It was a simple brute-force attack that required no hacking. And people offended about the group’s hilarious name? “If someone is offended to where they can’t deal with us … then they’re a douche bag and we don’t want to be employed by them anyway.” A fun read. source

03 Mar 2010 21:46


Biz: A bunch of Wiseguys hacked Ticketmaster, made like bandits

  • one
    number of tickets Wiseguys Tickets and Seats managed to buy through hacking Ticketmaster’s Web site
  • $25
    the amount these Wiseguys made through reselling at a much higher cost ($25 per ticket!) source

02 Mar 2010 20:26


Tech: Don’t hit the F1 key: Irony hits unpatched Windows XP computers

  • Press this key and your computer will blow up, Microsoft says. You gotta love the hilarious sense of humor that malware-makers have. People who use Internet Explorer in Windows XP should avoid pressing this key for the time being because a zero-day exploit can severely damage your computer if you use the help function. Well, that’s not very helpful! source

02 Feb 2010 23:01


Tech: Fans of comments on tech sites win one, lose another