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23 Aug 2010 10:04


Tech: Apple decides to play Big Brother with new anti-jailbreak patent

  • good Apple has created and applied to patent a new technology to allow them to detect unauthorized iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad uses.
  • badThose unauthorized uses include jailbreaking, unlocking and removing a SIM card. Because Apple doesn’t like these (still legal) things.
  • worseThe methods of detecting an unauthorized user include creepy voice and heartbeat detection. It’s like 1984 all over again. source

01 Aug 2010 20:35


Tech: JailbreakMe makes it possible to jailbreak your iPhone by accident

  • So, we bet you want to jailbreak your iPhone 4. Well, JailbreakMe has you covered. Using your iPhone, go to this here site. (If that site’s not working, check out this one. Oh, and read more here.) If you’re not using an iPhone, it won’t do anything, but on your iPhone, it’ll jailbreak it – using the cloud. This. Is. A. Big. Deal. Apple can’t be happy about this. This makes “stupidly easy” seem like a major understatement. (Warning, though: There are some issues with FaceTime and MMS for you iPhone 4 kiddies, so be careful. Oh, and trust us when we say DON’T DO THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!) source

26 Jul 2010 21:11


Tech: The Library of Congress made iPhone jailbreakers’ collective days

  • yes They’re now allowing people to legally jailbreak their spiffy phones without fear of retribution. iPhone users win.
  • no That doesn’t mean Apple has to make it easy for you to jailbreak it. They can still void your warranty.
  • yes They’ve also made cracking and ripping DVDs totally legal, and expanded unlocking rights. source

04 Jul 2010 18:09


Tech: Thoughts on Flash: We’d like to jailbreak our iPads to use this

  • Need a reason to jailbreak your iPad? This seems like a pretty big one. That’s right, Comex, one of the main guys in the jailbreaking scene, has figured out how to make your iPad work with Flash, essentially taking the Android version of Flash and creating a compatibility layer for it. It doesn’t support video on that (that’s hard) or support keyboards (that’s easy), but we’re guessing that this could make Jobs’ whole “Thoughts on Flash” spiel sound a little stupid if it actually happens (and it works well). source

05 Jul 2009 20:56


Tech: Apple’s best frenemy, “Geohot,” jailbreaks the new iPhone. Jerk

  • two number of weeks it took “Geohot,” real name George Hotz (see what he did there?), to jailbreak, or unlock, the iPhone 3GS
  • two iPhone models have been jailbroken by the teen from Jersey. Our question: Would he jailbreak a Zune if he had to? source

06 Mar 2009 15:09


Tech: Why wouldn’t Apple like an alternative iPhone app store?

  • 30% The amount Apple gets on app store commissions source